2 new non-comedogenic-looking sunscreens


Hi guys,

Two new sunscreens among others added to the reviews section with full info seem particularly acne-safe.

Living Proof Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser SPF 20


Nivea Sun Light Feeling Daily Face Sun Fluid SPF 50+

I’ve not used these products, I came across them while searching for more options for us all. I’ve used Living Proof products in the and past: moisturizer, toner and scrub and none of them broke me out during a highly acne prone phase. They’ve been added to the reviews section, so check them out if you are interested. 🙂

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Great post AM 🙂 .i read somewhere sensitive skin people can use baby that true? if yes, what would be a good sunscreen for a baby or kid? my niece turning one next month needs one too.


Like Like , Nivea one seems promising 🙂

AM please let us know if you use any body sunscreen ?


@catonthewall, But nivea sunscreen seems to be  so greasy in the reviews and may not be good for oily and combination skins !!

Bargavi ,your one year niece is going to use a sunscreen? Chicco and Banana Boat has kids sunscreen, But isnt it too early for the baby to use it?


Oh my bad, I am currently using Nivea total whitening sunscreen for body and its light on skin 🙂 But it has comedogenic ingredients like stearic acid etc..

I earlier used lotus aloesoft sunscreen and it was very thick and led me to sweat profusely 🙁


I thought so too @indarahul .but people in abroad are doing so.they got so much sunscreens for children.

@catonthewall please check out my post “my experience with jovees sunscreen”


So for the typo @indurahul . in western countries sunscreen is started right when the baby completes 6 months.

even i cannot tolerate the sun at my place. no sunscreen seems effective in trichy,’s a landlocked imagine how chennai ll be without the sea breeze 🙁

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