3 glycolic acid face wash alternatives to Glomed


Folks, those having difficulty finding the celebrated Glomed Face Wash can try these alternatives (apart from AHAGlow 1% glycolic acid)

KLM Pharma KLM KLIN AHA Face Wash gel 5% glycolic acid (make sure to ask for AHA version not the regular salicylic acid one) Rs. 175

Curatio Melawash Gel 6% glycolic acid Rs. 135 for 60 ml

A lesser known option Lumofa face wash – % of glycolic acid unknown

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@acnemantra are they all worth acne-controlling and dirt-cleansing?

Are they all safe to use? 🙂


I got Melawash here – .
This site has most of the non-available things- AHAglow, Kojivit, ZOray. 🙂

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