6 months of acne treatment but still got a few bumps on my face :(


Hey AM!

It has been more than 6 months now I visited a dermatologist but still I got bumps on my face. I will list all the medicine’s I used, please help me.



1)Saslic Face Wash – Twice a day

2)Epiduo gel – At night on pimples

3)Clindac A Solution – Afternoon on pimples.

On the first month prescription I felt a lot of improvent, my face was almost clear but with a lot of dark marks. Epiduo was very effective but irritating :/


1)Saslic Foaming Face Wash – Twice Daily

2)Clindac A solution – Afternoon on pimples

3)Nilac-A gel – At night on pimples

4)Azithromycin 500 – 3 times a week for four weeks.

No new pimples, but still the old once did not completely vanish. Lot’s of dark marks.


1)AHA glow s Face Wash (Foaming) – Twice daily

2)Clindac A solution – Afternoon on pimple’s

3)Nilac-A gel – At night

Now only a very few tiny bumps BUT new once started coming 🙁 Marks faded a little.


Dermaroller treatment done.

1)Cleargel – Three times a day for five days.

2)Nilac A gel – After five days of dermaroller, at night.

3)Keracnyl Foaming Gel – Twice Daily

I was very happy with the dermaroller treatment 😀 but still a lot of very very small pimple’s and marks 🙁


Dermaroller Treatment done.

1)Cleargel – Three times a day for five days.

2)Keracnyl Foaming Gel – Twice a day

3)Nilac A gel (The doc recommended this but I replaced it with Keracnyl Cream after seeing your Keracnyl Regime) – Twice daily

I did feel a little improvement in my facial skin, spots faded a little, but still not a clear pimple free face 😐

I had my exams in feb so I was not able to visit my doctor. I continued using only keracnyl regime with Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel at night (10 mins after keracnyl cream). I got a few more pimple on my face, mostly on T-zone, and a lot of bumps on my head 😐 I had no idea what to do for the pimples on my head so I started Azithromycin 500 without prescription and for the face I applied Benzoyl Peroxide 5% on the pimple.

March’ 2014

I saw a post on AM that Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel causes acne so I stopped using it. Now I am on keracnyl regime with Ramdev Kaya Kalp Taila (Yes it is Kaya Kalp Oil! Trust me it is very effective) on the face. My head bumps are almost gone. Marks have faded a bit more, BUT still new pimple! Its been six months now AM :/ I get painfull acne on my face. They go quickly, for a day I even had 0 pimples on my face but the next morning again a new one. Your site says that Keracnyl is the reason for pimple? Please tell me exactly what should I do now. I have a controlled dite plan with almost zero dairy products. Along the treatment I was always taking Ramdev Kaya Kalp Tablets (2-0-2) and Khadirarishta. I have a oily face.

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Hi Prashant, then you’ve been using Epiduo, Nilac, Keracnyl Cream etc. all correctly. Hm… OK, here’s what you can do. From all this, looks like Epiduo worked somewhat but was irritating. Mix Epiduo with aloe vera gel (Patanjali may still work because of strong pore-unclogging action of Epiduo) every night and glide a generous layer of it on the acne prone areas. I know, this leaves dark spots, but once you have figured out a repeatable way of clearing up the skin, you can try out other things.



Stop both Keracnyl products for the time being since they will be too harsh for you at this time. Use Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion in the morning and evening and see if this is okay. If you don’t like Cetaphil because it doesn’t give a squeaky clean face, then add in Himalaya Neem Purifing Face Wash or A-Derma Foaming Gel, whichever you prefer. See how this works and let me know. If this isn’t effective, then we’ll see what you could do next.


Hi Prashant, yes, this looks like a lot of trial and error you’ve been struggling with for the last many months. The one thing that stands out in all these routines is that except for a face wash there is no preventive treatment in your skincare routine. Looks like Benzoyl Peroxide, Epiduo, Clindac etc. were used only for spot treating pimples, but there was no leave-on product used all over the face that could prevent new pimples. Using an anti-acne cream all over the acne prone areas ensures that pimples don’t form in the first place. A face wash isn’t enough to do that.


By following Keracnyl Regimen do you mean you used the Keracnyl Cream too? I don’t see that anywhere in your question so I’m not sure. If not, then Keracnyl face wash isn’t enough to control acne. Ramdev Kaya Kalp Taila contains some fantastic herbal anti-acne ingredients, but in sesame oil base. Um, so you can guess that your skin is facing a tug-of-war between the acne clearing properties of neem etc. and pore-clogging properties of the oil base. This may be a reason skin isn’t clear yet. Perhaps stop using this for 2 weeks or so and see if the pimples reduce.


It will give me a better idea if you tell me if you are using Keracnyl cream as well or not. Also, what are you using for shaving? Any moisturizers, sunscreens along with it?


I am 17 years old, I don’t shave. Yes I am using keracnyl cream since the past 2 and a half month twice a day. I first apply the cream and if there are new pimple coming up I put on bp 5% only on the pimple. For the first three month I did not use any moisturizer or sunscreen as the doctor advised, I was mostly at home. I guess from the last month i resumed my Nivea for Men Moisturizer Dark spot reduction cream only if I had to go out in the sun, that too I stopped when I came to know it clogges pores. The cream (epiduo and nilac) i used to apply all over the spots and acne.


My skin has become from oily to something weird skin type, its oily but dry at the same time and also rough 🙁 I thought of starting a new regime that is :-

Morning – Keracnyl Face Wash

Kojivit gel

Afternoon – Wash my face ( water only)

Night – Keracnyl Face Wash

Bengel ACRA 2.5 (all over the face)

Along with Ramdev Kayakalp Tablets 2-0-2 and  Khadirarishta 30ml-0-30ml .


Ok thank you so much, i will surely try this out. But why do new pimple come? Do I have to apply this cream’s for a very looong time? Even if the face clears with all the pimple and spot gone will new one still pop up?

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