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Hi @acnemantra,

You would be extremely busy and i am not sure if it is right on my part to trouble you. You have thrown us a light on several products and procedures pertaining to acne treatments and topicals that we ourselves can do.

As a next step, if you could guide us to the right dermatologist or treatment, it would be great. I know what i am expecting and asking is too much.

Still, if something like that could be added in this site, several people like me would get benefited out of it.

Thanks in Advance

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@boss i asked AM a couple day before a similar question.i am pasting it here.

Q:@acnemantra with so many people opting for laser,dermabrasion and peels for acne scars, i read in a website that such treatments can reduce scars only to a certain extent and such improvements may not be that true? i don’t understand then why so many are spending huge money for temporary solutions. kindly educate me and the members in this topic AM.cos many hospitals re keen in offering packages instead of solutions.

A:Hiya Bargavi, yes it’s true, such treatments cannot completely eliminate scarring, but depending on how invasive a treatment is, can reduce its appearance to a large extent. The treatments are expensive also because the investment in the equipment costs a bomb. Also, results are highly dependent on the severity of scarring, number of sittings, skills of the doctor and the nature of treatment used. Hospitals often offer packages so that they can get a lump sum in one shot, but also because it is usually after a few sittings that a real difference is noticed. Results being permanent or not depends on the nature of treatment. For example, peels involve removing the layers of skin, so once the layers all heal, one needs to take good care (sun protection, prevent acne, exfoliate), otherwise the pigmentation will return.


Thanks.. But where is the answer 🙂



Hiya Boss, it is a good idea to have a repository of information about recommended dermats, clinics, treatments etc. The truth is, I’ve yet to come across a single dermatologist that I can honestly recommend to people. Most dermatologists are rushed, off-handed and not really interested in getting to the bottom of the problem. And I’ve met many in the last 2 decades. Still, they are needed when they are needed and we can do nothing about it.


As for recommending names of dermatologists in Chennai, say, it will take more than just me to compile such information. This kind of info will best be provided by people who have consulted those derms face to face. So that is the practical glitch here. But it is on my mind and we should have a resource like that.


As for information about individual treatments, I’m already working on it, but things are going pretty slow on that front. That is not because of me, but because of the experts I’m trying to get in and help us all. They have their own schedules which I will have to work around. So yes, something like this is in the works, but it depends on more than just me.




Thanks for the update. You told that you are working on a post regarding individual treatment. . if you could share some inputs, possible costs, risks, precautions.. it would be great. We will also have the awareness and would not get fooled.


Hi Boss, yes I’m in talks with at least 2 renowned dermatologists for interviews regarding exactly this. It is taking time because of their schedule and my own health issues.


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