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Hi Guys, I recently shifted to a new place and during the shifting process for about a week, i did not take any care of my skin. No Fish oil, no night time Glyco A, or sunscreen. Although i did wash my face twice or thrice. I had stopped Vitamin D since past three weeks (since i ran out of it). During the 3-4 shifting days, my skin took a lot of sweat, dust and dirty hands. Hands that are now so dry and peeling due to excessive washing!! Since i shifted here, i’ve got about five new pimples on both the cheeks and some on the chin, along with extra oiliness on the face.

I guess, i will have to get back to square one and start again with all the things that were working for me. Vitamin D especially.

I haven’t been able to give a fair trial to Sunprotek yet, due to this breakout (Sunprotek might be the cause too as I used that once or twice during the shifting).

I also had a few mangoes and a lot of ordered food after i got the initial few pimples. (that could be the reason too)

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Congrats! @anujaaggarwal that you are recovering your acne with the help of vit.D.Seriously, you have become an example of for all community members to try Vit.D.
I was just randomly surfing this site today & check your post & you know I become so happy to see Vitamin D success on acne.
I Have not done Vit. D test yet so I want to know some things from you:
1) What kind of acne you got as in general .I want to ask that dO you got sudden large eruption or just small acne inflammate like me?
2) How much Vitamin D cost?
3) What is the name of zinc gluconate & vit.d supplements taking by you as I want to add zinc as an supplement & was eying on zevit.
4) Last one, Do you have very less exposure to sunlight that such a drastic deficiency occurs in you so that I can check my sun exposure .I know that I cant relate my body physiology with but just a curiosity.
I Would like to thank you if you reply my question.


Actually want to ask you the vit. D Test cost, not vit. D(spell mistake).
And, sandy you are right in your point.


@parul – all excited about vit.d 🙂

My answers:

1. Sometimes i get small bumps type acne – very stubborn – doesn’t go away – they are not painful but visible on the skin – at times they convert into whiteheads – otherwise just remain like bumps – these are usually around the mouth or chin. On my cheeks and chin i get cystic acne (medium sized) 🙂 like 2-3 mm in diameter! They are red, swollen, painful – after a couple of days they turn into big whiteheads – sometimes they burst or otherwise they subside in the skin.

2. Calcirol 60,000IU one sachet costs 27 Rs. That is very economical and if i take only half sachet, then it will be even cheaper. Vitamin D test costs 2500-3000 Rs. That’s why i don’t want to do it right now.

3. I ordered GNC Zinc gluconate 100 mg from Nykaa – some 1000+ Rs. – i have forgotten – search and you shall find.

4. Vitmin d deficiency has become very common. I usually stay indoors and hate the sun. The amount of exposure i get – Morning walk (early in the morning – with sunscreen on the face), Dropping my child for school (5 mins in the sun) – pick her up when the bus arrives (another 5 minutes) – that’s it. If it is a planned sun exposure i usually wear high SPF sunscreen (like on holidays) – and on general days, my body lotion has minor sun protection too. So you see, there is almost no day time sun exposure without SPF – which is essential for producing Vit D. Also, since i am using exfoliating products, i don’t want to subject my face to harsh sun, so i mostly try to avoid or wear 50 spf sunscreen when needed.


Congrats on a clearing skin @anujaaggarwal 🙂 My sun exposure seems lesser than you. I picked up a cue from Vanshika’s post about vit D deficiency and body pains. Do you get body pains for no reason? I get body pains and numbing sensation many times due to sitting in the same posture. Now I am on a completely non comedogenic regimen, sebamed clearface cleansing gel and Kaya soothing cleansing gel and faceclin. Even then I get bumps. They are not pimples but small bulge on the skin. I am also wary of a test because of its cost. It is advisable to take these vit D supplements without test results or deficiency?


Please don’t take any supplements without getting tested first.

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