About Aha glow facewash… check my skin care regime plz :-)


M 18 f ,suffering from acne since 4 years…. i use clean n clear facewash oily skin :-( suits me the best in summers. ..i use fabindia tea tree toner,benzoyl peroxide 5 %nd clindamycin gel…  these products work good for my acne…now still i get acne… nd m left with lots of pimple markes (big holes)… improve my regime plz?   I am thinking to buy aha glow facewash..will it work for stubborn acne ??suggest a  moisturizer also ?nd sunscreen also which is affordable…  i have loose skin on my cheeks… is it because of benzoyl peroxide or excessive use of facepack?? I guess i hv askd so many ques…plz reply


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As far as moisturizers go , I will def recommend Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin (not the SPF 15 one, get the one for combination skin which is without SPF).  Rs. 299 for 118 ml. Ive been using it for a while and its pretty good and light.

You can try Suncote or several others Sunscreen available out here. Would advice you to search for reviews on this site before buying any product.


Hi Tia,

Dear you are using so many products .. .relax and take break…

I will advise you to pick a regimen (i will personally suggest “starter regimen”) and use and use only those products from the starter regimen.

But yes do take your pictures before starting “starter regimen” and take pictures after every 2-3 weeks  and compare it will your original pictures.. Definitely you will see improvements and progress in your skin…………

After reading from your question i can tell you about ahaglow , neutrogena moisturizer ( which recommended by @Kev) , i used these personally… but again 1or 2 products will not fix these skin issues.. you need a complete starter regimen…

I hope it help and you would agree with my response…


All the best !




Hi Tia,

Fabindia Tea Tree Toner is a very weak product, so no point relying on it for any acne benefit. Also, are you using Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) all over acne prone areas or just as a spot treatment? BP works very well, but in brown skin (Indian skin) it can cause the red marks to become darker and just keeps them there forever. That is, it results in massive Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmention. When you search for reviews a BP product Benzac AC on this website, you will see the same thing posted by reviewers. So BP is an effective choice, but not the best when it comes to acne.

For now, you could use Glomed face wash or AHAGlow. Glomed is preferred since it is stronger. You can ask for either of these at medical stores. For 2 weeks, just try this, nothing else, no sunscreen, no moisturizer, no face pack, nothing. You will need to protect yourself with a dupatta against the sun. This is a safe, staggered way to build up a skincare regimen that will work for you.

By the way, which face pack are we talking about here? You mentioned it in passing. The thing is, there is no point continuing to use strong acne treatments unless you eliminate comedogenic (=pore clogging, acne causing) products from your regimen. This face pack very well might be. Another culprit is Clean & Clear face wash, which is comedogenic. I’d strongly advise you to go through this post to understand what kind of products to avoid from now on.


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