How to use Apgel and Bengel?


I’m having acne from last year. So, i’m taking treatment for it.
Nw d doctor has given me Apgel and Bengel tube to apply.
Bt i’m a li’l bit confused about how to use them.

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Hi Vishesh, Apgel is adapalene. It has to be used as a thin layer all over the acne prone areas. For example, if you get pimples on your cheeks and foerhead, then apply a thin layer at night covering all of cheeks and forehead. Bengel looks like benzoyl peroxide to me and most likely it is. You can dot it on any pimples, like a spot treatment. You can do this in the morning.

To not let the skin darken due to the use of these 2 products, you must use a sunscreen during the day. Suncote gel or Sunprotek Gel sunscreens are good. Also Zoray Aquagel sunscreen. See if you can find any one of these at your local medical store.

Also, you must use a non-comedogenic face wash like Himalaya Neem Purifying Face Wash or Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin. Same goes for shaving products.


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