Should I use Retino-A in Budget Regimen?


hey .just read the changes you made in the budget regimen. but i already bought retino- a cream.and i still have half tube of keracnyl facewash remaining .what should i do?

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Retino-A can still be used in the Budget Regimen, Sebonac is an alternative. All the rest of the products are the same irrespective of Retino-A or Sebonac. I’d have advised you against Retino-A since your skin is probably sensitive and may not take Retino-A well. Going through a doctor would have been better because they would have seen your skin to check if you are a suitable candidate for it.

Right now, my suggestion would be to stop using Keracnyl products and only use AHAGlow for a while (no Retino-A). I had suggested you this earlier as well. Bring your skin to a non-irritated state first. Let us know how it goes.


ok .thanks acnemantra

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