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I am a new comer to this site. This site looks wonderful. I am a male in my teens. I have APST-3. I am thinking of going forward with Keracynl Regime. I have region near my Nostrils where there are alwys 2-3 pimples and redness! Also the temple region also has many spots as does my chin. What can i do going forward?

I have moderately oily skin which i guess breaks out easily!

I have also seen that i get Pimples whenever i am under stress. I’m in 12th so lot of stress! :/ Ill be staying home from now on for the next 2-3 months.(Study leave :P) , so i can follow the regime religiously.

Also my face/hand( basically all which come under direct sunlight) complexion does not match my body’s complexion. Is there anything i can do to help me with that?I don’t expect to be very fair , i just want to improve the texture by a shade or two.

Well all i want is a clear skin( A tall ask , i know!) which can help me regain my confidence(I was a very outgoing person before acne).So what do you guys suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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Have i posted somewhere wrong ? No answer till now :/

I read about the stress article. I’ll start with meditation.


Hi Rahul! Some days are slow, the community takes time to warm up. 🙂 Keracnyl Regimen sounds fine to begin with. If your body isn’t acne prone, you could try Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Skin Lightening Lotion. Good idea about reading the stress related article. Stick around, the more you read, the more you will be able to answer your own questions. 🙂


Yes Rahul! as you see there are some questions still unanswered, we are also a part of community, so we also need to read it up! 😀

So Keracnyl is fine as AM said. Keracnyl will take care of your temple region and pimples around nose. No need to worry. 🙂

as AM said, Vaseline Healthy White can be useful, but, use sunscreen as Proactiv’s sunscreen or Lotus Herbals sunscreen. You can go with Vaseline too, it has SPF 24.

And the Stress Article was good.

You can consider the Baidyanath Rakht Shodhak to start off as 2-3 tablets a week.

And to boost the confidence, do a mirror fast! 😆 kidding!

Be happy, smile, hang around. I know it’s your 12th, but when I was in 12th, I used to play for 2 hours even when exams were going on! 😀 So chill down a bit, watch tv, listen good music, and don’t think about your pimples!

Use the search box to read up more! 😀


Hey AM and Akshay,

I have developed couple of extremely painful pimples on my chin. Any suggestions to subside them?

I have Acne on back and little bit on the stomach too so Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Skin Lightening Lotion would no good! 🙁

Are there any soaps you would suggest for the same?

Akshay, How do you think i got tanned so much? I play basketball for atleast an hour a day! But yes , i’ll try not to think about these godforsaken marks.

To what extent do you think can a tan be removed(Like i said a shade or two would be great)? Is it possible in all cases?

Also guys i have a budget of ~1.5k.

Thanks and looking forward to your and hopefully other’s replies on this!



dab Proactiv Mask or Ahaglow on the pimples, it should be fine. If you start with Keracnyl regime, it will take care of everything.

Just type “back acne” in the search box, you’ll find many questions on that! 😀

One suggestion is using Sulphur soap.

And you were thinking of applying Vaseline on back and stomach? I mean, you are tanned on back and stomach? I mean, stomach/chest is the fairest part of most people! How come? You play basketball shirtless? Okay! 🙂

Tan can be removed completely if taken proper care of! if you search for “tanning” , you can get it’s answer. Actually I don’t know. And I don’t care about body tanning (as long as it if not face!) 😀

You need to read up dude!



Lol @akshaykshardul I said that Vaseline would be no good since AM said and i quote  “If your body isn’t acne prone, you could try Vaseline” . I think i must have misinterpreted! But anyway my skin is acne prone! So what should i get

And i have been reading up! But i’ll try to read more anyway.

Plus anything on laugh folds? I saw this asked somewhere else but no answer. :3

Any suggestions? And how much time should i give the Keracnyl Regime to start showing its effect?

I read on some other site that the Keracnyl cream helps in lightening of skin too. Is this true?

I got AHAglow . So far it seems good.

Thanks a lot for your time and help!



Sorry, I’ve been telling you to read up again and again! 😀 but I can’t help! we need to read up! 😆 he he he! again! 😀 But, even if we have read it once, we need to read it again to keep it in mid (just like for studies)

Give Keracnyl Regimen 1 month to show some visible results, and 2 months to see some improvement. Be sure you read everything 3-4 times before starting the regimen. Also see the Regimen troubleshooting guide. 

I know 2 months is a long wait, but stick to it and don’t be tempted to use any new products.

And yes, Keracnyl will help lighten the skin too as it is a blend of poly hydroxy acids-salicylic acid (for pimples) and glycolic acid and lactic acid (both lighten skin)


*keep in mind.

Sorry for the typos! 😀


Sure thing!

Any website which will get me the Keracnyl Products fast ?

Will Keracnyl cream be enough?

Also , a budget sunscreen( I read that its pretty important)? I think i will go with Suncote though i dislike it will make my skin shiny! :/

Sorry for so many questions

Awaiting your reply with eagerness 😛



Hi Rahul

Rajeev has mentioned some days back about a non-comedogenic body lotion “Parasoft body milk”. I had checked on their site..this lotion contains vitamin B3 which is considered as skin lightening ingredient. It might help or u can wait for some days for its review as @priya has ordered the same & she will update us..


Thanks @shafaligarg! I will wait for the review.

@akshaykshardul AHAglow did wonders. Those two pimples subsided overnight. Thanks. Still wondering on a reliable website to order Keracnyl products from.

For improving the texture i am going with only Keracnyl cream.Will that be okay?

Anyone, anything on laugh folds?



Actually, I may not be the right person to comment on laugh folds, i don’t know about that. You may see this question on laugh lines (I used the search box)

And I also said the same thing for AHAglow (and sebamed). link . And don’t use AHAglow overnight, it may have some adverse effect in long term, or may be not. But why take risk? Just 2-3 hours is okay.

I ordered it from theskinstore. You see this List of shopping portals

Only Keracnyl will be fine. Add some moisturiser if skin feels dry! 🙂


Okay, will keep you updated.

I didn’t use AHAglow overnight,what i meant was I saw its result overnight!

AHAglow does not seem to have any effect on the pimples on my nose. They are still there and the region arount there is Dark Red. Also the was a pimple on my nose which has left a kind of small hole on my nose. Suggestions on these?

Sorry for so many questions!


Hi Rahul, no need to be sorry about questions. Every time you feel bad about asking too many questions, just hop over to someone else’s question and post an answer, even a hi! is fine. It will make them feel better, make you feel better and balance the account. 🙂

You can ask for Keracnyl at medical stores if you are in one of the larger cities. Otherwise, yes, there are reliable online options. Akshay mentioned a link to a whole post about online websites above.


Hello Guys!

Some updates.

I couldn’t find Kearcnyl Foaming Gel but i got the cream.

My current regime looks like this:

Washing Face with AHAglow in the morning and in the night.

Keracnyl Cream next.

In the morning i also use Suncote Sunscreen.

Any changes needed?

Plus these pimple on the nose are really bad. They hurt quite a bit and plus have caused my nose to turn dull red. :/

I’ll be getting the Foaming Gel soon.

I wanted to know how long should the Keracnyl Cream tube last if i use it twice a day? I am asking this so i get to know how much of it should be applied each time.


Hi Rahul

I think u need to add a moisturizer also in this regimen as all these products can bring lots of dryness & irritation after some days along deoends upon how oily ur skin is!! Aloe veda aloe vera gel is gud option in budget..



I will look into that! Thanks

Also,I wanted to know how long should the Keracnyl Cream tube last if i use it twice a day? I am asking this so i get to know how much of it should be applied each time…



If applied twice a day, i think that last for 25-30 days.



25-30 days? Dont you think that’s a lot considering i have to apply it all over my face?

Also does Keracnyl Cream cause initial breakouts? Because i am getting more whiteheads and pimples all of sudden



Hiya Rahul, you apply a thin layer just enough to cover the face. Keracnyl Regimen is designed for tough skin that does not get red or break into rashes easily. Basically non-sensitive skin. The whiteheads you are seeing could be due to irritation from using AHAGlow + Keracnyl cream. It could be an initial breakout too. Maybe try to use Keracnyl once every other night. Also, see this Regimen Troubleshooting Guide for more clues.


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