Acne around mouth due to PCOD?


Hello AM, i would like to know whether pimples occurring around the mouth and near the chin area are a sign of PCOD? I was diagnosed with right ovarian chocolate cyst and poly cystic left ovary in January 2013. Thr right ovarian cyst was removed in july 2013. In March 2014 USG left ovary shows polycystic. The pimples are concentrated only around the mouth and chin area. The surprising thing is that the rest of the face is absolutely acne free for years. I use himalaya neem facewash, Zoray Aquagel and Retino A 0.05% twice a week on the acne only and before applying Retino A i wash face with Cetaphil.

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Hi Somya, you are right, acne often accompanies ovarian cysts and PCOD. While your doctor treats you for PCOD, you could use the skincare routine with one change. Use Retino-A as an all-over treatment, not a spot treatment. Using it as a spot treatment will not stop new acne from coming.

Use a thin layer of it around the mouth and chin every night. Also keep an eye on any abormal discoloration in these areas (skin lightening) because that is one of the risks of using tretinoin creams like Retino-A. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but worth watching out for. If you see excessive dryness or burning, you might need to step down to 0.025% Retino-A in order to be able to tolerate it as an all-over treatment.


Thank you AM for the suggestion. Are there any supplements that i can take particularly for these type of acne? Will Himalaya Purim tablets help?

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