acne black spots and tiny holes remover


my black spots and 4-5 tiny holes are not going either way since 2 years ….naturally and by me and recommend some easily available indian cream ..

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hi ayan..
first figure out what is your skin type by checking out this link

Figured Your Acne Prone Skin Type (APST)?

you also need only one product is not sufficient to help you with acne..a complete regimen helps deal with issues related with acne..
The answer to your question lies in starter regimen..

Starter Regimen for Acne & Dark Marks

or budget regimen

Budget Acne Regimen Under Rs. 500 a Month

check out the link for instructions,product suggestions..
starter regimen has helped me and lot of people here..
All the products are easily available in local medical stores and online too

Where to Buy Skin Care Products Online

do read up tons of informative articles on acnemantra and educate yourself on the acne,do’s and dont,treatment,products..
hope this helps..take care 🙂

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