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Hi, I’m a 15 yrs. old girl. I’ve been experiencing frequent acne breakouts for last four yrs. The acne eruptions are very painful and leave dark marks even if they get healed somehow. I have undergone dermatological medications but in vain. Please help me.
Thank you

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My current skin care routine is:
I wash my face with dermadew acne soap in the morning,evening and before going to bed at night. I use divya rosewater as toner after every wash. In the morning, I follow with VLCC Glow + sunblock lotion spf 20 since I need to step out for tuitions and school. But it makes my skin oily(I have oily skin) and so I dust a very very little quantity of lakme perfect radiance compact. In the evening, I apply clean and clear skin balancing lotion after using rosewater and at night I apply nomarks pimple cream. Also I use himalaya neem scrub once in every 3 days( I have blackheads) and fuller’s earth once in a week. But nothing seems to work on my skin. I have tried clean and clear foaming facewash and jovees tea tree oil face wash in place of dermadew soap and erytop in place of nomarks cream,but nothing happened!


hi rini..welcome to acnemantra..
acne is pretty common for your age group..
everything u are using are comedogenic products right from sunscreen,rosewater,jovees tea oil to no marks to scrub..
read more about no marks here

10+ Pimple Causing Anti-Acne Creams

scrubs dont go well with acne prone skin..they usually aggravate the acne..
before buying product go through this list of comedogenic ingredients

Comedogenic Ingredients in Skin Care Products in India

u can also download “skingredients” android app to the same..
a proper regimen often helps acne..
go through starter regimen for more info,product suggestions,instructions
u have to discontinue all the products u are using now with starter regimen
dont be tempted to add more products unnecessarily..

Comedogenic Ingredients in Skin Care Products in India

it has helped me and lot of people here..
also it would be a good idea to visit a doctor to rule out pcod and any health they trigger acne..
and finally there are tons of articles on acnemantra so do educate yourself about will definitely help u..


Thank you. I’ve already begun reading articles from acnemantra.

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