Cheaper alternative to Avene Triacneal?



i read ur starter regimen..can u please suggest me other acne treatment cream in place of triacneal cream.its quite costly..other products in this regimen are affordable.

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Glyco 6 maybe . But its 6% glycolic acid , check if your skin can tolerate it – I mean if you are on the starter regimen , your case of acne must be pretty mild.


Hey gill29. You can always go for sebonac gel that’s mentioned in the budget regimen. It’s 200 bucks and easily available. Else if you want then you can go for prescription drugs such as retino-A or benzac-ac. But these are all prescription drugs and should only be applied after due consultations with a dermatologist. Hope this helps.

PS: These are my personal recommendations. Wait for the “Big Ones” to answer your query. 🙂


Hi Gili..Look into Keracynl regimen or Budget regimen..
They are equally effective..
As Sumit said they are prescription drug so we are not authorize to advise regarding that..
Triacneal is expensive yes but it is one of the best treatments and one tube will last 2-3 months since you need miniscule amount to apply over entire face..
Read more about it on acnemantra and may be you can figure it yourself 🙂

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