Acne Marks ( Reddish)


Hello acne mantra my doctors prescription is working pretty good and i know that Nax -B Gel ( Benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin Based Gel) is working good but because of that now i have dark red spots  on my skins acne is gone but on place of that there are red marks which looks as bad as acne so please tell me what do i do

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Hi Kripal..
Congrats on your progress.. 🙂
The truth is the problem you are facing now is Because of Benzoyl Peroxide..As it heals acne,It has a tendency to do that..
So you can discontinue Nax B for few days and include a oil free moisturizer & sunscreen in your regimen..Within few days,the situation should get are some options

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After that you can resume Nax B..

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