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It’s been a while since i have posted!

Anyway great new features!

I have added a photo in the media section of my profile.

That type of bump and redness has been there for an year.

My current regimen is:

Sebamed Foam, Glomed, AHAglow and metrogyl plus on big and painful pimples!

What is a good alternative to Zoray Aquagel? I have searched the site but couldn’t find feasible options(cost/availability)




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Hiya Rahul, good to see you. For a growth that has existed for so long, a dermatologist can provide you with a cortisone injection to flatten it within days. It’s worth a shot. You could try looking for Ekran Aquagel SPF 30.


Hi rahul,
why are you using three different facewashes!?Can only lead to more irritation..use sebamed and either glomed or AhA glow,not both..And yes kenacort shots wil make your bump go away in jus two days,without leaving any scars..



Sorry for the late reply. I was caught up in my board exams.

Thanks for your replies 🙂

Do you suggest i undergo  a Doxycycline course?

Thanks again


If you are meaning to take antibiotics for the bump, then I’m not sure it will help. Unless the bump is a result of bacterial infection. A doc really needs to take a look and then prescribe either a cortisone shot or antibiotic as needed.


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