Acne scars and Post Acne Hyper-pigmentation help?



I am suffering from acne from last six years. This month I would turn 21. But I have acne only in summers not in winter. My face clears up in winters automatically even if I dont take any medication. But this summer I had the most horrible acne breakout. But now its almost over. I am left with acne scars and post acne hyperpigmentation or whatever its called. So last week I  went to a skin specialist lastk for acne scar treatment.He has prescribed keracnyl cream in the morning, triacneal cream for night,la shield suncreen and keracnyl foaming gel. With these he also advised me laser and chemical peeling. Maybe I would go for peeling but not for laser treatment. I read in one of your posts that triacneal and keracnyl are two strong treatments and should not be done together. So what I am doing, is it safe?????? He has not prescribed kaya pigmentation reducer gel, so can I add it in my regime to get better results???

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Hi Sachin..Welcome to Acnemantra 🙂
Summers acne gets worse cause of increased perspiration and sebum production hence clogging pores and causing breakouts..
There are other factors as well..Just go through this link and you will be able to figure out some things regarding acne..

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The prescription is pretty good..

Keracnyl and Triacneal can be used together..It depends on
Individual skin type..Some can handle it and some can’t..If you aren’t facing any issues as such,you are good to go..Both are very good treatments for acne..

You may not require laser as such..But Chemical Peeling is a good idea..It not only takes care of acne but hyper pigmentation issues as well..It accelerates the fading process,unclogs pores,sheds dead skin cells,exfolaites ..
For more info check out this link

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Unless your acne is under control,I would say do not add Kaya gel for scars..Because new pimple pops and leaves more marks..So for now just focus on bringing acne under control..Once that happens you can add Kaya Gel or CPP regimen for treatment of scars

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They key with acne regimen is keep products minimum and clean..
Also make sure the sunscreen you are using is non comedogenic..
You can do so by downloading “skingredients” android app or online tool..

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