Lighten dark acne spots on cheeks?


Hi,I am 22 and I have acne on my face since 6-7 years.i have only white heads on my nose and cheeks with this I have dark acne scars on my cheeks on both side of nose.they look like dark patches on my cheeks.these scars are dark and create odd impression on my face.i want to light them up so skin complexion on face goes even throughout.pls suggest treatment to scars.







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Please read up the website first & go through all the tabs & links given in the website. Only then ask questions if you did not find any information there.

All your questions have been answered already & that too in immense detail here, so please go through all links before shooting questions. If you still have a problem checking the detailed regimens posted here, type into the search box with key words on the right & the relevant info will all pop out. You need to do your research before troubling someone else to respond to you. No offense dear,  but we see basic questions like these asked here innumerable times when they all have been answered already in detail.


Hiya Deepanshu, welcome to Acne Mantra! Spots left after pimples are a common problem with many of us. Actually, there are 3 steps to lightening this darkness. Check out the CPP Process for this purpose. The post also has product recommendations. You may also want to check out these 200+ answered questions about acne scars and dark spots. Tons of stuff here that you can benefit from. 🙂

according to my experience u can take peels combination(glycolic and yellow ) peel will work for you.

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