Cream or gel for acne scars?


Hi i am 17 years old teenager and my problem is acne scars i also have acne problem so my dermatologist suggested me GLINTRA gel and ZINDERM-AN gel and a KERACNYL  facewash after using this my acne has cleared a lot but there are acne scars left and they look awful so please suggest any cream or gel to reduce this scars..

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Continue with Keracnyl face wash in the morning & use Kojivit gel or Kaya pigmentation reducer gel at night every day before sleeping. How deep are your scars, are they spots or deep scars? depending on that you might have to use Deriva CMS or Tretinoin after getting a prescription from your doctor. You could try Glomed face wash as that also has 6% glycolic acid & would help in lightening & exfoliating the skin.

Use Clindamycin Gel ( face clin or Clear gel) on your active acne twice a day.


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