How to remove dark acne spots fast?


hiii guys….I have to join my new job in 10 days  but I am suffering from acne scars. I recently tried melacare which consists of hydroquinone. It left me with redness. So I went to a dermotologist. He recommended me with golic cream (6%), koshine lotion (kojic acid, glycolic acid, arbutan and licorice extracts) and also KC Lite (kojic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E). I have been usuing for 3 days but no change (I know its a short period) but I am desperate. Please suggest me anything so that I can go with a clean face on my first day.

please suggest something guys.

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Hi! Your derm has given some pretty good (strong) medications to lighten dark spots. You should see a marked improvement in your dark marks in 2-3 weeks. This is pretty much the best you can do when it comes to lightening dark spots at home.


Along with this, you will definitely need to use a sunscreen 2-3 times a day. Check out this CPP (Correct – Prevent – Preserve) process to remove dark spots fast. Your derm has given you Correct and Prevent parts of the CPP process. The Preserve part is the sunscreen.


A concealer is the only way to hide dark spots instantly. You still have 10 days so some of these medications will already start showing results, but it may take months (yes, months) before the marks go away completely. If you are open to using makeup for concealing dark spots, check out this video tutorial to conceal dark spots. This one is for women.


There’s another makeup video for men to cover dark spots.




thank u soooo much. Derm also mentioned taking chemical peel treatments but I am a little skeptical about those. Do they really work? Can I take peel treatment within these 10 days? Moreover I live the most hottest place.


Also can I use the facewashes and cleansers mentioned in acne mantra like sebadem or AHA glow or keracnyl and cetaphil?


hi..ur prescriptions should work for u but it is going to take time..all the lightening agents only but it is not possible to see results in ten can see noticeable difference after a month or so..until then concealers are good idea..check out articles on acnemantra for make up tips,product suggestions..

i personally went through chemical definitely helps with scars and also acne..after 4-5 sittings u can definite improvement in scars..they work..chemical peeling is done once in 15days so 2 sittings per month..most important process of this scar treatment or cpp regimen is to use sunscreen..

choose one from list of oil free sunscreen on acnemantra list..

facewash is ur call..all u mentioned are good..u could try aha glow before keracynl..because aha glow is 1% glycolic acid and keracynl is 4% glycolic is a good to ease ur skin into lower concentrations of any product and then gradually after a while u can go for higher if u are planning on using then start with aha glow..sebamed is mild cleanser doesnt do anything for marks,it definitely helps with controlling acne..

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