Antibiotics before dermarolling at Kaya?




I visited Kaya skin clinic yesterday for pitted scars on my face..they have suggested me to go for 4 sittings of dermarolling & 4 sittings of GA peeling on alternate basis..doc also told me that i am suffering from Rosasea due to which area on cheeks near to nose & on chin looks red whenever i m in sunlight or due to heat & due to rosasea, my acnes leave pitted scars..


Doc has prescribed me below medicines:

1) Cap doxy 1 LDR(100 mg) – 2 times in a day for 15 days & then once a day for next 15 days

2) apply metrogyl on area whr redness appears


However i m bit reluctant in taking medicines..can u plz advice?? Are there any side effects of these medicine & this gel?? i asked doc..he said these are just anti-biotics..& metrogyl wi reduce redness..


Also if u can tell me how effective dermarolling is reducing pitted scars?? Does this effect lasts long or do we need to go for maintenance sessions also in future?

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Hi Shafali, Doxy is an oral antibiotic doxycycline. Although most people do fine using it for the short term, why do you need to use it? If you are still getting pimples, then suppressing them temporarily with oral antibiotics is not a good idea.

Perhaps the doctor wants that by the time you go for the dermarolling treatment, all pimples should subside so the rolling can be done easily. That may be fine, but if you continue to get new pimples, you will continue to get scars, pitted ones included. Metrogyl is of course a topical antibiotic and some people here are using it as a spot treatment for pimples with no problems. Again, it is a short term solution only.

Check out this post about effectiveness of dermaroller treatment. The effects are permanent but you do need multiple sittings depending on the depth and texture of scars.



These medicines have been advised me to treat rosasea..& metrogyl also to reduce redness due to rosasea..thus need ur advice..thankfully my skin is almost free of piMples..i just get very small whiteheads sometimes on my main concern is just pitted scars these days..

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