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Hey all,

I am currently on acne medication and using clindamycin phosphate and tretinion as prescribed my dermatologist. She also recommended to use cetaphil moisturiser. Every thing was fine till yesterday day. Suddenly started observing some darkening in skinn tone. Before throwing questions let me tell you what changes I have made to my daily routine.

even though cetaphil moisturizer was prescribed I never used it. I usually apply biotique Caret face and body location while stepping out after office. This keeps me moisturised for some time. Yesterday day I felt flanks, dry, itchy skin and applied cetaphil and one more was I changed my batch soap from dove to biotique revitalizing basil and parley soap. I feel either one of them would have caused this. I point my finger to cetaphil. Do you guys really think cetaphil would have caused this. Does any one blame biotique soap for this ?.

Can cetaphil moisturiser be used on face daily at bed time ?.

I have one more question on CTM for men. will probably post it in a new thread..

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Hello @rakeshbabu51 again! I will 101% blame it on Cetaphil, it darkened my skin too in the past. I have half bottle unused! But the darkness is just greasiness, if we wash it thoroughly it gets removed. Don’t use it even at night time!

and do you use Dove soap/Biotique soap on face? You don’t use a face wash? Why? Never use soap on face, however mild or medicated or natural or herbal it is. 🙂

If you are seeing flakes, then you may skip for one or two nights, it’ll be fine.

And answered ur CTM question too! he he 😆


Hi Rakesh, before you add in new products, the most important thing that jumps out is that most of the products you are using are comedogenic. They block skin’s pores and cause pimples. Due to lack of information about this, many people remain stuck with acne for years, continuously changing products randomly but seeing little relief. Cetaphi Moisturizer, Biotique lotion and face wash, Dove soap etc. are all comedogenic and because of this they interfere with your acne treatment.


Even if pimples are under control right now, while you are on medication, once the medication is stopped, acne will come back unless you switch to non-comedogenic products. This is more important than getting a CTM routine. You can build an acne-safe CTM routine once you identify non-comedogenic products that are right for you. This post will help you get started. Then you could look at regimens and reviews to choose products safely.


Hey @akshaykshardul, @acnemantra: thank you guys.


@acnemantra: it would be glad if you can suggest a moisturizer which doesn’t clog pore.

currently i am out side india. the place i am now is a damn dry pace. i tried lots of moiturizers more or less every thing broke me out except nevia for men sensitive skin moisturizer. now i am on acne medication to correct dark marks left by these break outs. when i asked for a daily use moisturizer, doc suggested to use cetaphil and said it doesn’t block pores and cause acne.

i have gone through links given in earlier post. to be frank now i feel lost in a big ocean of cosmetic world. please, i got sick of trying too many moisturizers. if you can suggest me a good moisturizer and face wash that would be a really glad.

Thank you.





Hi Rakesh, you should be able to find Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture for Combination Skin wherever you are. It is not entirely non-comedogenic, but if you are experiencing major dryness due to drying medicated products like tretinoin, this helps. It is more lightweight than Cetaphil and more acne-safe. People in this community who are on tretinoin creams or isotretinoin oral treatment are getting relief from dryness with this moisturizer without breakouts. Be sure to get the non-SPF one.


If you are confused about which non-comedogenic products to select, you could see regimens and reviews for recommendations on acne-safe products. I’ve provided links to them in my previous answer.


Hi, why you did’nt doubt your Biotique lotion.

Boss you need to use a better sunscreen. Let it be Zoray or Sunprotek. 🙂



@acnemantra: Hi AM, thanks. sorry for the delayed reply. was busy with some work.

I have ditched all the soaps i was using and started using sebamed clear face cleansing soap. It works like a charm. no breakouts. A quick question when i checked the soap ingredients using online tool, it consist 5-comedogenic ingredients. is it a safe prd. ?. once i am done with the soap i will go for cleansing foam version.  Can this face wash be used daily even after acne treatment ?.

I am really scared to try new moisturizers. i am using the same cetaphil one after my bath, applying a thin layer, leaving it to soak and washing off before applying tretinoin.

Thrown off my biotique sunscreen and started using sebamed one with SPF50. no break outs as of now. dont think it will even cause them.

@AM one last question before i close off this tread. I have some dark skin on my forehead. how do i get rid of it. to be frank i dont generally go into sun. stay in AC rooms all the day. then why this ?.


@ssureshbabu68: Thanks man for your reply. using sebamed now. saw your review on CTM on biotique products.








Hi Rakesh, continuing that same old Cetahpil Moisuturiser isn’t going to help because it is majorly comedogenic. I mentioned it in a previous reply. So as long as you are seeing pimples, you will need to stop it no matter how comfortable you feel using it. If skin is 100% clear on Sebamed soap and Cetaphil isn’t breaking you out at all then it might be okay, but not fool proof.


Sebamed Clear Face Gel is a lightweight moisturizer that many community members here are using and loving. I don’t recommended Sebamed as a brand on the whole, but some of the products like the foam and this moisturizer are very acne-safe. You could use Kojivit Gel on the hyper pigmentation on the forehead. Apply that after tretinoin has absorbed or during the day under sunscreen.


Sebamed soap is not entirely non-comedogenic, but if you’ve seen full clearing of the skin on it, then why rock the boat? If skin is not fully clear, you will benefit from switching to the foam. I’d personally not use the foam once acne is clear. I don’t want to expose my skin to strong anti-bacterial action every day when there is no need. In that case, the soap may be a safer choice. Sebamed Foam is safe, but just that you don’t need to use it lifelong. Keep an eye on any breakouts from Sebamed SPF 50. I do know the SPF 30 spray is non-comedogenic.


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