AHAGlow or Glomed which is a better face wash?


hi ….was curious to ask whether u r male or female nd can u tell ur name??   i have apst 2 which can sometimes tend to apst 3 and i wanted to ask whether which one among ahaglow or glomed face wash can i use for daily cleaning of face 2-3 times…..and will there be any problem(like thinning of skin) if i use these face washes in the long run…and i also wanted to know the difference between these two face washes……and also please suggest me a good “budget gel based” sunscreen other than suncote(it is very sticky) and lotus matte gel spf 50 for daily usage……:-)

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Glomed sounds like a pretty good face wash with glycolic acid, pro vitamin B5, liquorice extract and aloe vera in a gel base. I do not have access to the exact percentages of these ingredients, perhaps they are given on the package, but just looking at the ingredients, it looks better than AHAGlow. AHAGlow has glycolic acid, vitamin E and aloe vera in a gel base.

I have not personally used Glomed so I cannot say for sure if it is okay for acne prone skin, but it does seem like a great product. If Glomed causes pimples or irritation in any way, AHAglow is a good substitute with simpler ingredients.

Exfoliants like glycolic acid, salicylic acid do not thin the skin, but actually thicken the lower layer of the skin, which is a good thing. They also keep your pores unclogged to keep acne in check.

Be careful about choosing budget sunscreens, because they often come with incomplete UV protection, that is, they contain cheap ingredients that may protect against some of the UV rays, but not all. So you are paying money for a sunscreen, but not really getting full tanning and anti-aging protection. Plus a lot of these budget or herbals brands’ sun protection claims may not be really true. On top of all this, you also need to be careful about choosing a sunscreen that is meant for acne prone skin. The cheapest ones I know that provide good protection for acne prone skin are Lotus Herbals ones.


Another option can be ULTRAGUARD gel sunscreen. My derma suggested it to me. There are 2 variants of Ultraguard, Ultraguard 30 SPF 30 PA+++ & Ultraguard 40  PA+++ available.

Ultraguard 30 SPF 30 PA+++

Tinosorb M 8%
Oxybenzone 5%
Octinoxate 7.5%

Ultraguard 40 SPF 40 PA+++

Tinosorb S 3%
Uvinul A Plus 2%
Octinoxate 9%

For Detail  information visit:

AM, would you like to tell us something about it.


sorry, forgot to mention the price…its around Rs.300. light textured gel base. Also, good as a make up base .

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