Alternative for AHAglow, for Tretinoin treatment?



First of all, i have to say, this site is amazing. I wish i had found this a loooong time ago. Great job! I have a few questions i hope i might get some help here. 🙂

I hope its not too long, i’ve bolded my major concerns.


This is my regimen and i have been on it for 2.5 months now,


Wash face with AHAGLOW

Put on Nivea for men SPF 30 moisturizer. (Is this moisturizer+Sunscreen enough?)



Wash face with AHAGlOW

Use nexret .04 on entire face.


As expected, my face had started breaking out and peeling in the initial weeks of tretinoin use, and eventually the breaking out stopped, but my skin is still peeling even after 2.5 months. I’m thinking my skin should have got used to it by now, and in the last few days, my skin has also started to form small dark crust like things(Any idea what this is?), which can be peeled out, but if not done gently it leaves the skin red. So i’m thinking its time for some changes.

Also AHAGLOW makes my face really dry and shiny after use, so i am thinking that maybe this combination is too much for my skin? Please suggest a gentler alternative to AHAGLOW for use in the morning?

Also, although i dont get any more pimples and my face looks better than before i started this regimen, my main problem is still not solved i.e. i have these small flesh coloured bumps(pimples?) all over my face. Its only noticable when looked closely under bright light, but it makes my skin look rough and bumpy. I’m hoping that continued use of tretinoin for few more months will give me the smooth skin i am hoping to get.


I started this regimen before i found about this site, else i would have started one of the regimens suggested here.

Also, i dont have a proper dermatologist to consult with here. I started this regimen myself after lots of google searching. So please forgive me, if i have made any glaring mistakes.


Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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hi thomas welcome here. so with ur products first .nivea moisturizer not fully safe some break out with it .use suncote sunscreen its better option than all.aha glow nice but some time glycol acid irritate ur skin so use it for one time only .in all regimns there r two face faches.nexret is good but u have to be very carefull when use it like i think u read article on site there is all information.if ur skin is peeling now then add cetaphil face wash for sensitive skin and a moisturiser like aloe veda aloevera gel it help with all peeling.never peel ur skin with hand it will worsen the situation dont use hand on face use  only for washing face and apply cream .now u have under bumps only no acne am i right ,can u tell me about ur skin is it oily ,very oily,combination or dry .if u dont have peeling dont use cetaphil .but adding moisturiser is must when using high acne treatment.starter regimn help with all problems i am using it..if u dont have any big acne problem then  u can also use budget regimn .take one of regimn.dont use any other products .


hai Thomas I have been using glomed as an alternative to aha glow. and its suiting my skin . I have very oily sensitive skin . it hasn’t caused any peeling for me





Thank you very much for the replies,


My skin is oily type, but since starting this regimen, my skin is always dry, unless i use moisturizer.

About the Nivea moisturizer, yeah i’ve read that it contains a comedogenic ingredient, but i have be using it for some time and it has not broken out for me and i kind of like it now,

so other than the comedogenic part, is there any other problem with it? and is the sunscreen part of it sufficient? The description does not say anything about broad-spectrum, but it is one of the recomended sunscreens in this websites list.

So should i use Cetaphil instead of AHAglow to wash my face in the morning? My skin does peel a bit.

Yeah, my major concern right now is tiny flesh coloured bumps in my skin. Also i get around 5-10 or so extremely small white coloured pimples, every day, but it vanishes by the next day, and another 5-10 of them comes in some other place. If i pop them, a small amount of white coloured stuff comes out and after washing and a few minutes it disappears (no scars, marks or any other thing).


Some additional info

I had tried my brother’s Clean n Clear foaming facewash yesterday and it stinged a looot, so i switched back to ahaglow today. Is Cetaphil gentler than clean n clear? How about Himalaya Neem face wash?


Thanks in advance for any and all replies, 🙂


i get around 5-10 or so extremely small white coloured pimples, every day, but it vanishes by the next day, and another 5-10 of them comes in some other place. If i pop them, a small amount of white coloured stuff comes out and after washing and a few minutes it disappears ..first of all never use ur hand on face for breaking pimple .they come from clogged pores so dont use nivea .if u get 5 small white head then it is not safe .u have to use full regimn .cetaphil cant cleanse very well but u can use it in morning .my advice pick starter or budget regimn  .use moisturiser which are in regimn .if u want help we help but this is all u .u can control them .pick regimn stick to it dont use other product..


Hi Thomas,

Your regimen is good and as u said working well for u. Just a little change, don’t use AHAGlow two times in a day that causes extra peeling, irritation n under the skin bumps. Use some other neutral cleanser like Kaya Skin Clinic Cleansing Gel, Sebamed Foaming Face wash, n others which are mentioned in Budget Regimen

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