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Hi folks,
was out of town on a wedding and related functions last week.Used kryolan dermacolor for twelve hours daily at a stretch for 4 consecutive days and was left with a breakout on my right cheek which is clearing up slowly ..Moral of the story-Do
ont use kryolan dermacolor for more than 3hours in a day!(coz when i have used it for less time in the past,it didnt cause a breakout)
AM, i would like to know if there is an alternative to kryolan for usage on a longer time basis,something that covers as good as kryolan and doesnt break you out?

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@kriya, I agree that it can break you out when used for longer duration. Unfortunately, all foundations & make up will eventually break us out if we are acne prone, I think it’s more to do with the foundation creating a barrier between our skin not allowing it to breathe rather than the ingredients itself & leading to slow blockage of pores. Still I think even after using it for 12 hours for 4 days continuously , you probably had only one break out (or do you have a cluster of pimples?) . Almost every foundation would do this I guess even if it is entirely non-comedogenic.

As far as I Know, there are no alternatives to kryolan as far as coverage is concerned, but you could give a shot with Lancome or Clinique.

Another option would be to wash the face with a good make up remover once in between after 4 to 6 hours and then re apply make up fresh once again as this could probably remove the sweat & grime mixed with foundation. I know it’s tough but just an option?


Hi LD,
Thanx for the suggestion and views.
If it was just one smal pimple,i wouldnt bother-i got three pimples on my right cheek and my cousin who is a doc asked me to take cephalexin 375mg twice a day for five days.:-( i completed two days.And only now they have started to sl.owly subside..As you said ,no makeup safely works for us acneprone people..


@kriya, @acnemantra, btw forgot to mention, I’ve switched to 2.5% Benzac as per your suggestion. Works great with no burning or irritation and as of now acne free completely (touch wood, whenever I say this, a small one pops somewhere) . Thanks for the tip buddy! Retino with this combination is working quite well as of now.


HI, you can try revlon colorstay oily skin one it is quite good and provides good coverage.

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