Amla Capsules as alternative to Baidyanath Rakt Shodhak Bati.


@acnemantra  Hii AM! I am soo happy!

U must have read what i said about AMLA and AMLA CAPSULES here – .

I have been taking these Amla Capsules since last 1 week and I must tell you that i am seeing SUCH EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS which i never saw in the last 7-8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!


I mean, I started taking Amla Capsules (They have amla powder only in them, thus very safe) twice a day .(One capsule contains 500 mg of Amla Powder. Thus, i took 1 gram amla powder daily when it is considered safe to take from 2-3 gram amla powder in a day. Thus, taking 2 CAPSULES a day was VERY VERY SAFE).

And in this one week, i have not get A SINGLE PIMPLE ON MY FACE!! My oil is UNDER VERY MUCH CONTROL. My extremely oily skin now doesn’t look EXTREMELY OILY anymore!! 🙂 🙂 YEAH!! Nor does it make my skin look very dry (which is caused by Baidyanath Rakt Shodhak Bati). And the most wonderful thing is – MY PIGMENTS ARE ACTUALLY FADING! yes! I noticed slight but VISIBLE change in reduction of pigments!

The best thing about Amla as i have already told here is that IT IS MADE FOR ANY KIND OF BODY, its universal in nature, it balances all doshas. So, it can be used for any kind of body- Vata/Kapha or Pitta. And it is beneficial for ALL KIND OF SKIN- Oily or dry or combo!

Well, everyone of us already know the importance of Amla or you may personally search also or can read my comments here . 

In fact, not only for skin related problems but also for DETOXIFICATION OF BODY, as a MILD LAXATIVE, for repiratory problems, for Sperm count and menstrual problems including hair fall and ACNE because of hormonal changes, for kidney related problems and rejuvenation of body- AMLA is just wonderful.

And amla capsules are VERY SAFE intake beacause they are convenient to carry and have and are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and are Very Economical.

UNLIKE BAIYANATH RAKT SHODHAK, they don’t cause ANY DRYNESS in the body and are SAFE for all body types.

ALSO, they are VERY SAFE FOR LONG TERM – Infact, it is recommended to have daily amla intake in everyone’s diet regularly whether u have acne or not.


I am using ORGANIC INDIA AMLA CAPSULES (Rs. 150 for 60 Capsules) since one week. During this time, i just did NOT use any product except HIMALAYA NEEM FACE WASH which i used to wash my face and SEBAMED FOAM FACE WASH sometimes for exfoliation at night! 


And i must say that since the capsules contain proper amount of amla powder therefore you hardly need to worry about wrong amount of intake of the powder. Also, the capsules are very safe for long run. In fact, it IS advisable for have Amla for a long run.


You could find lots of brands in the market (Himalaya Herbals sells Amla Capsules too) but a reputable and trustworthy brand is ORGANIC INDIA AMLA CAPSULES (It is easily available online).


Make sure that you don’t use COMEDOGENIC products ever (especially while using Amla), otherwise, yo will say that it is causing acne! NO! Lol! Amla is considered mother in ayurveda which can never harm its children. Also, since capsules don’t contain anything else but amla powder, they are really very effective in skin care and acne reduction.

Thats why i have stopped being here active in this site too much! Because now i have got my sure-shot remedy for forever!

@acnemantra, some days more and i am sending you my SUCCESS STORY. Include ORGANIC INDIA AMLA CAPSULES here . You can not dare to ignore it.

My regimen is very simple now. I will use Kaya soothing gel or Himalaya Neem Face Wash for CLEANSING. And Sebamed foam face wash (If Himalaya Neem is using for CLEANSING) or Himalaya Apricot Face Wash (If Kaya soothing is using for CLEANSING) for EXFOLIATION.

Yes, thats all! Definitely along with ALMA Capsules.

Read my detailed explanation about Amla in comments here too – .

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Are the capsules working for you. I have started them too. Almost 20 days. How are your pigments. Any improvement?

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