Does Ansolar sunscreen cause acne breakouts?


I am 31 and i am getting adult acnes , as per my derma, Aldactone -50 will control these but should not use them regularly and she prescribed Ansolar sunscreen which I have been using since an year but my face has become really oily and I am not sure if I am getting acnes because of this.

Please suggest good sunscreen and face wash , I am thinking of trying Dermalogica though not sure about the result ……….and its really expensive so if you can advise on this.

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Ansolar sunscreen, although claiming to be non-comedogenic has been known to cause acne breakouts. It is possible that your acne has got aggravated because of this sunscreen. It might have worked well while you were still on Aldactone. 

If your skin is highly acne prone, almost every sunscreen could cause breakouts unless you are using an effective acne treatment alongside.

Spironolactone, also sold as Aldactone limits hormonal fluctuations that can contribute to adult acne. But it must only be used under medical supervision due to the possibility of dangerous side-effects.

Both blood potassium levels and blood pressure should be checked regularly while you’re taking Aldactone. You shouldn’t get pregnant while taking it. Aldactone is not a good choice for you if you have kidney problems, or a history (or family history) of breast cancer, uterine cancer or ovarian cancer.

You need to use Aldactone under medical supervision only. It looks like it has been over a year since you visited your dermatoligist. This is a good time to pay them a visit and get your skin checked out.

Face washes and sunscreen alone cannot stop breakouts. It is possible to use topical acne creams, but since your dermatologist thought it necessary to prescribe Aldactone, it is better that you get professional help instead of self-medicating with acne creams.

You can find face washes and sunscreens for acne prone skin here. Our picks are Kaya Skin Clinic Soothing Cleaning Gel (Rs. 550 for 200 ml) and Suncote Gel (Rs. 249 for 100gm).

You do not have to spend on Dermalogica if you don’t want to.


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