Any body using Bioderma face wash and their experience with it



Any body using Bioderma face wash and their experience with it

Please share.



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Last year I was using Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel along with Bioderma Sebium AI. I completed two 200ml bottles of this face wash. The face wash is really good and removes all the oil and dirt quite well, but i don’t think it has any acne curing abilities. I had no issues with the face wash, just that my skin was not getting any better (that might have been due to all the other reasons), so I stopped using it.


Hi Ashu, I am using this now as my Paula’s Choice got over & I wanted a good cleanser to use with Sebamed in the mornings especially to take off the dirt & sweat. Yes it’s good, have had no issues with it. Removes all make up & oil & if you have an oily skin, you will like it as it will make your skin kind of normal & dry.  But yes, no acne reducing properties but I believe that Cleansers should only do gentle cleansing & nothing else which this product does.


Thank you Anuja 🙂

@Lalitha – Bioderma question and you wont reply that is not possible :):)

Thanks dear for your reply too. By the way which one you liked most bioderma foaming gel or paulas choice.

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