Anybody got footcrack?


Hi friends @acnemantra,

I got foot crack since I can was terrible during my school the place where I live summer starts in the second week of January and lasts till September and as per my school’s uniform code I had to wear ballerina shoes and socks.foot cracks got terrible during college cos I didn’t know wat to do about days some of my cracks would become so deep that blood would start pouring out of them.even walking was a difficult thing those days.i tried crack cream, lichensa, saibol.all gave me itching.Oh God! The itching! It was frantic.i would scratch most times without being able to tolerate the itching and then it would burn like hell, sometimes bleed too.

After college I joined CMA things got better as I figured a regimen.everynight I would wash my foot with dettol soap with a pedicure brush and apply Vaseline heel therapy.i did this for 2 months without missing a day and my foot got much much was not enough I wanted a permanent solution.last year i consulted a derma.she gave me cetaphil ultra hydrating moisturing lotion for day and dipsalic cream for didn’t give the permanent solution I wanted.

Now that its prime summer, my foot is super duper dry.i ve attached photos in the media cracks are back.i am following dettol soap-brush-vaseline heel therapy again.when it’s itching, keeping my foot in warm salt and lemon water helps.i wear slippers whenever I step out of the house.

It’s hereditary too suffered the same when she was young.her foot cracks heeled when she stopped using leather and dad still got them.

Somebody please tell me a remedy.thank you in advance!

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Hey Bargavi, my aunt has got similar cracks because she used to stand for long time over the counter in a shop she owns . It got better once she stopped doing that. See if any such reason exists for you.

And wont Dettol be harsh and drying? Why don’t you switch to a milder soap? I have heard my friend using Cetaphil(Not sure if its the same popular cetaphil) soap for dryness and its pretty good it seems. It costs Rs.108.

And then immersing foot many times into water might dry up no? Why don’t you better apply some cream like Aloevera gel or coconut oil instead?

Coconut oil controls that tingling feeling.


Thanks @catonthewall .dettol soap is not harsh as the antiseptic but it does dry up as you say.i ll try cetaphil.

right now i am not getting painful bleeding cracks and’s just excessively dry and skin breaks off due to all the dryness.nothing seems to be enough.i need something that ll take care of that.did you see the pics i uploaded?


Then you have to concentrate on dryness instead of cleaning again and again because it will make skin dry, as we know the feet area is already deprived of moisture due to no oil glands.. you can use the glycerine method suggested by AM.

I saw the pics Bargavi.. May be it was because of genetics + the convent school rules of socks and shoes in the hottest city of TN! Did you check with the doctor if it is because of the medicines you take?


Bargavi, i too get cracks very fast if i don’t take care of my legs everyday. May be using salt and lemon everyday is making your feet drier. I have one Scholl refreshing foot soak which i use for foot bath (only when i get time) and it is not drying. At night i use any foot cream and wear soaks before sleep. Now i am using natures co sweet almond foot cream and scholl cracked heel repair cream..and i found them working …When i feel my fingers and legs very dry, i break one vitamin E tablet and rub it there..Try to wear sandals inside home also..


I checked the doctor @catonthewall .she said it’s cos of i got these even before i was diagonised with thyroid.i took trental pills for 30 days to increase blood circulation to my legs and foot.but i saw no improvement.i thought darkening of my legs below the knees(area that was covered by socks during school) are only due to shaving.she said it’s partly due to low blood circulation too.

thanks @indurahul .i do the salt and lemon soak only once in a week or two too.i got some evion capsules at home.i might try vitamin e ranbaxy’s Xerina seems appealing seems good for flaked skin like mine cos it has glycolic acid and’s the second ingredient.have you ever tried that?


Did taking Trental pills help lightening of legs Bargavi? Is Trental prescriber pill or on the counter pills? I am also facing dark legs issue from childhood 🙁

Won’t glycolic acid dry your skin?


I think this is the soap my friend is talking about. I am gonna give it try 🙂



Hey Bargavi, check the Editor’s note in this post 🙄

” Salicylix SF6 and SF12 are strong salicylic acid ointments, used normally for cracked heels and calluses on the feet. “




But it might be strong, so you may check with someone before using it and sorry for bombarding your post with too many replies 🙂


Sorry again, but this seems to be a riskier product with many side effects including drying. Check the links below.


No don’t take trental without doc’s prescription @catonthewall .it is not a nutritional’s a medicine  used to improve the symptoms of a certain blood flow problem in the legs/arms (intermittent claudication due to occlusive artery disease).trental can decrease the muscle aching/pain/cramps during exercise, including walking, that occur with intermittent claudication.  It works by helping blood flow more easily through narrowed arteries. This increases the amount of oxygen that can be delivered by the blood when the muscles need more.

i took around 20 pills but saw no difference.i am currently using glyco6.i feel i am seeing little difference.remember how @anujaagarwal said glycoA and tretin can be used for skin lightening in the post “wat do you do with products that did not turn out as expected?” . i got a tube of tretin around.after my glyco6 tube i am moving on to tretin.

and yes sandy, cetaphil is the best soap there is for sensitive skin.i ve heard about it too.but i got a bottle of Johnson baby wash which is milder than cetaphil.i ll try that for a couple days and switch too cetaphil. i saw Anu’s note feet is completely robust and salicylix might be the one.

thank you for the answers 🙂


Regarding ranbaxy Xerina,  it has Purified water, glycolic acid,urea,cetylated fatty ester complex, ammonium hydroxide,glycerine,glyceryl mono stearate,ceto stearyl alcohol,P.E.G 100 stearate,cetyl palmitate,propylene glycol, vitamin e acetate,steaic acid, isopropyl myristate,olive oil,sepiplus,dimethicone,perfume,methylparaben,di sodium E.DT.A, propyl paraben.

glycolic acid is there for exfoliation and make skin smooth, still yes it ll dry skin up.i guess glycerine,glyceryl mono stearate,vitamin e acetate,olive oil might make up for is a strong medication which should not be used everyday.

i am still looking at my options and yet to decide sandy.but i ve definitely learnt things.

1.don’t wash feet often

2.use mild soap to clean

3.ditch vaseline heel therapy

*********************************************************************************** regarding glyco6 application on legs-my legs ve not become dry after i started applying them Sandy.instead the cream base has moisturised my legs.discoloration is still there but it feels much soft now.

do you know why your legs became dark?

i know why mine turned.cos i was so cruel to it.i showed them no mercy.instead i subjected them to razor,veet and hot wax for several years:-(



It’s ok Sandy.better late than never 🙂


Wow , thanks Bargavi that is really useful deep information 🙂

Yes I read @anujaaggarwal ‘s post and since the only GA based product I have in excess right now is Keracnyl, I have started to use it.  I soo wish to use Glyco 6 too because its rare to get an exfoliating as well as moisturizing product!

Xerina seems a good product with the ingredients you have mentioned, though with comedogenic ingredients, since its legs only there shouldn’t be a problem. May be I will try glyco-6 because my legs are so dry and look sick. All the best Bargavi, you will soon get a cure 🙂

I have ordered Cetaphil immediately, hoping that it turns out a good soap 😛


Reasons for Dark, Dry and Sick Feet:

I don’t know the exact reason but from childhood my feet is dark compared to the rest of my body. Even my legs are better.

I have also ill-treated my legs – socks and shoes in school with little for legs to breathe, waxing, shaving and Veet and Anne french, I have even used some chemical like hydrogen peroxide on feet to decolourize, which I forgot now.
But from this post of yours I am also getting another hint. I think my legs are starved of blood and at your mention of claudification I googled a bit and I also face some symptoms like leg pains for even a decent distance, man it really pains even for a 10 minute walk at calves and feet.  I experience frequent blood freeze too (we tell in tamil – ratham kattikarathu?).  Now I want to visit a doctor for this condition but should I visit a cardio or a dermatologist?


I have noticed that when I take fish oil capsules, my feet stop cracking and become smooth.  🙂

@indurahul, @catonthewall


I don’t think you ve to visit a doctor or such @catonthewall .it is a common problem many dos said am 5’6 and i am 5’6 cos legs are a bit lengthy that’s why i face such foot size is 12 and i often tear ligaments 🙁 if i wear pointed heels for 5 mins i won’t be able to sleep through the night 🙁 anyway if you leg pain after walking, a part of it maybe due to the footwears.make sure you wear something foot-friendly 🙂

and in order to increase blood circulation to our legs we could try some exercises or yoga.i don’t know which one.we ve to search.

if you still want to visit a doctor i think you should go to a ortho.cos though trental was prescribed to me by a derma, the one who educated me with the causes was my ortho.

if your body is used to GA products you can skip glyco6 and goto legs are totally robust and now i am thinking glycoA would give faster results.wat was your experience with hydrogen peroxide? i got a bottle at home.


@acnemantra which brand’s fish oil capsules you took? do you think cod liver oil ll work?


Hey Bargavi,my mum also had similar bleeding cracks.She is currently using pretimycin on the cracks n moisturex to keep the feet moisturised.The combination of both these have worked like a charm.Hope this helps.


Hi @ranreena .is pretimycin a cream? can you tell me the company’s name? i tried googling “pretimycin” but couldn’t find any posts.

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