Anybody got footcrack?


Hi friends @acnemantra,

I got foot crack since I can was terrible during my school the place where I live summer starts in the second week of January and lasts till September and as per my school’s uniform code I had to wear ballerina shoes and socks.foot cracks got terrible during college cos I didn’t know wat to do about days some of my cracks would become so deep that blood would start pouring out of them.even walking was a difficult thing those days.i tried crack cream, lichensa, saibol.all gave me itching.Oh God! The itching! It was frantic.i would scratch most times without being able to tolerate the itching and then it would burn like hell, sometimes bleed too.

After college I joined CMA things got better as I figured a regimen.everynight I would wash my foot with dettol soap with a pedicure brush and apply Vaseline heel therapy.i did this for 2 months without missing a day and my foot got much much was not enough I wanted a permanent solution.last year i consulted a derma.she gave me cetaphil ultra hydrating moisturing lotion for day and dipsalic cream for didn’t give the permanent solution I wanted.

Now that its prime summer, my foot is super duper dry.i ve attached photos in the media cracks are back.i am following dettol soap-brush-vaseline heel therapy again.when it’s itching, keeping my foot in warm salt and lemon water helps.i wear slippers whenever I step out of the house.

It’s hereditary too suffered the same when she was young.her foot cracks heeled when she stopped using leather and dad still got them.

Somebody please tell me a remedy.thank you in advance!

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Yes Bargavi Pretimycin is a cream marketed by Pretium Pharmaceuticals (cost around Rs. 40/-).


Ok thanks @ranreena .i can’t find anything about  pretimycin.but moisturez sure sounds promising with urea, lactic acid, propylene glycol and liquid paraffin and not very costly too.


My mom used to tell I have long hands. Long legs? I should get a measuring tape and check out 🙂
I have to change my footwear, will see if the pain subsides.
I will seach for some exercises and try them next 🙂
I saw a foot cream from Kaya too and it has good ingredients. But glyco A is cheaper than Kaya, will try for face as well 🙂
And regarding Hydrogen peroxide, no I didn’t like that experience, because inspite of using it lightly and mixing it with water it left my feet dry. Also I didn’t see any improvement. Though I stopped in 4 sessions due to dryness and that yucky smell!


Regarding fish oil I guess @acnemantra ‘s favorite would be nature’s bounty 1200 mg odorless fish oil capsules.  I am using Twinlabs fish oil capsules  because natures bounty is unavailable in many sites.

The required amount of EPA/DHA per day is 500 mg. If your cod oil provides that it should be fine.


Ok thanks @catonthewall .be careful with glycoA.cos the tough skin of our legs can take glycoA.for face do a patch test.even glyco6 broke me out in the face.i am also experimenting with topical application of isotretinoin capsules on my right leg.glyco6 goes on left one 🙂

also i read himalaya foot cream is effective too.have to check out the ingredients.will keep you posted on how it goes! good night 🙂


Thanks Bargavi in that case I will start with Glyco A for one side feet first 😉 All the best on your experiments and good night 🙂

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