Anyone experienced success with yugard cream for pitted scars?


I’m back!

So using kojivit on ark marks is helping a lot! (another fab product discovered on this site!)

read many discussions on yugard. want (read itching) to try yugard for my pimple holes.

How good is yugard in collagen production? Anyone used it for pitted scars?

Or, what can I do to treat pitted scars. read in another question about tretinoin + vitamin C + peptides. Please acnemantra, we want a article (blog post) on pitted holes. (and shampoos and conditioner’s post too! 😉 )

my regimen for morning: Sebamed cleansing +lotus herbals spf 40.

my (current) regime for night: AHAglow + garnier light night/kojivit alternate nights.

I wrote current in night because my night regime keeps on changing after any night cream gets over! 😀

AHAglow is getting over, should i switch to another one, (if i plan to use yugard) ?

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