Are Sebamed products available in stores ?


Any idea if Sebamed products are available in stores . I want to buy sebamed clear face gel and can’t wait for it to be  delivered coz I’m leaving town in two days. Any idea ?

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Hello Ms.Anu. Yes Sebamed products are available in stores. I bought my sebamed facewash from an apollo pharmacy. Hence those may be your best bet. But I have seen that sebamed products are generally stocked at big pharmacy/drug stores(say a famous one in your city or nearby), you know the ones which have decent infra etc.


SEBAMED RANGE IS ALL in big medical stores even if u tell some local chemist to buy it for u he will…its also available online because of popularity and non comedogenic and for baby products.


Depends on which town/ city you are from. For eg, in Bangalore, it is available in pretty much all the big medical stores/pharmacy & if you were to visit any Skin clinic attached to a dermatologist, for sure it would be available.


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