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Hi friends,

Those who have got acne,redness and irritations from chemical sunscreen ingredients ,please bring out your experiences with various sunscreens, so that we can narrow down the sunscreens for sensitive acne prone skin.

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Guys anyone of you have used Lakme 9 to 5 mattifying or hydrating sunscreens?

I checked the ingredients of mattifying sunscreen and found to  have (Butylene Glycol, Zinc Oxide) 2 mildly comedogenic ingredients.

I am unable to get the ingredients of the hydrating sunscreen.

Both products make tall claims and I like them to be true 😛


Girls, it is a miracle that Lakme is even attempting to make something non-comedogenic. 😛 Jokes aside, this Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying formula does sound non-comedogenic as far as Skingredients can tell. I’ve added the Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen reviews page with its full ingredient list, comedogenicity info, price etc. so check it out if you like. I’ve not yet got my hands on the ingredient list of the Hydrating version, but it contains vitamin C and other good-for-skin stuff. It’d be wonderful if that’s non-comedogenic too.

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Hey Cat, thank u for posting one more wonderful option with ZnO, physical sunblock.:)..Definitely I like to try this ..@acnemantra , when i got some free time i tried to check the i dont know much about the sunscreen ingredients i checked almost all of them individually and here are they.Please verify if it is correct…But are there only ZnO and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate for the sunscreen protection part or i missed some?

Zinc Oxide – UVA & UVB

Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate – UV filter

Cyclopentasiloxane – emollient

Triethoxycaprylylsilane – silicone based binder

Disteardimonium Hectorite – stabilizer

Mangesium Sulphate Heptahydrate -salt

Cyclotetrasiloxane – skin conditioning

Dimethicone Crosspolymer,PEG-10 Dimethicone,Caprylyl Methicone – Silicones


@indurahul, yes you are right, ZnO and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (also known as octyl methoxycinnamate) are the (only) 2 sunscreen ingredients in it. Between them, they cover UVA1, UVA2 and UVB which is enough. It’d have been useful to know the percentages of these ingredients to figure out exactly how much protection they are providing, but since Lakme has labellled it SPF 50 PA+++, they must be in large enough quantities.

@catonthewall, I was just saying that if anyone wants to see more info, they can see it on the reviews page. 🙂 Both Butylene Glycol and ZnO are mildly comedogenic ingredients. Such ingredients pose no problems for most people.


Here`s a review of the mattifying one peopleeee (in a soprano voice) – but it`s like 500 bucks almost

I have had horrendous experiences with ALL of lakme`s prev sunscreens – but this one looks good apparently. lol.


Hi friends..Thus i completed 7 day challenge with Lotus SPF-40..:) I have never thought i would get the courage to try it again in my life..But I am a no makeup person and when i was using these other sunscreens my face looked so dull that i couldn’t stop myself to give lotus a last chance before trashing it… i was so stressed these days and couldn’t keep my hand mirror down..okey come to the point i didn’t notice any new breakouts after i started Lotus-40,though i have seen a tiny harmless bump(not acne) on the side of my cheeks which is not even noticeable and it is nothing compared to the reactions from other sunscreens i described before. Also my TSH level is still high (8.2) and i am tooooooo Vit D3 deficient (6.5- very low)

Let me share the regimen i followed.

Morning- Avene Cleanance Gel, a thin layer of avene emulsion, Lotus Sunscreen (i dont like to apply lotus directly on my skin)

Evening- Cleanance Gel, Sebamed Clear gel

Night -Applied ground Oatmeal Pack wait 5 mts, wash with wash cloth, Triacneal/Kaya night cream(alternate)

I applied oatmeal pack everyday just to play it safe.Also it gives a clean and soft skin..I may not do it everyday in future.

@catonthewall, @anujaaggarwal ..I think i will continue using it until i see any major acne from this sunscreen. Will update..


My experience with various sunscreens so far..I haven’t tried too many of them.

Yes Yes –  Sunprotek-30 & 50

No No for me – Zoray, La shield SPF40, Lotus Gel SPF 50 🙁

Not So favourites – Kaya SPF 15, Bioderma max fluid SPF 50, Lotus Matte 40, Suncote

I like sunprotek, but it does not give a matte finish. So I mix it with Calak lotion and apply. As Calak has zinc oxide, i think it is an added benefit.

I am yet to try sebamed spf30.



I am in the same boat tooi have tried sooooo many..from drugstore to cosmetic ones…but none suited mesunscreens dont go well with me as well….lakme,everyouth,shahnaz,lotus,loreal,olay,vlcc and then few recommended by my derma including suncote but they all gave me break out…..even when i apply very lil of suncote if i am out at daytime…it gives me such a greasy feeling…and also i notice small zits everytime i use it…i was thinking of getting my hands on zorray but reading the posts that its giving break outs to many…i dont want to get it… i am so fed up of all sunscreens that i dont feel like wasting money on them anymore 🙁


Shweta, by any chance were you using sebamed clear gel over suncote? because i have also noticed this very small but not harmful zits whenever i used this combo. So i started applying calak over suncote and kept sebamed for evenings only.


Hi papy @abinaya, have you started your sebamed spf30? How is it working for your sensitive skin?


Hi indra haven’t started… My suncote not yet over may be after two weeks I ll be using it… Surely ll let u know


I have used suncote. but it gave me tiny bumps on forehead. now i’m using sunprotek 50. and its good on skin .but it makes skin oily in this hot season. so i apply calak lotion over sunscreen. but skin looks bit pinkish. can we mix it with sunscreen to avoid this pinkish look ? @indurahul – you are using so ,right ? 🙂


@indurahul no…the sunscreen itself gives me very shiny look…so i skip moisturizer with it…so u can say using it alone too does not spare me 🙂


Sunscreens I have used so far are all culptrits 🙂
Lotus SPF 30 Matte sunscreen – comedogenic
Zoray Aquagel – Dull and gave me break outs
Kaya SPF 15 – Gave me break outs though I introduced so many products into my regimen that week and was in premenstrual phase.

Probably I will continue to use zoray after acne subsides and then try sunprotek or sebamed instead.


@sandra-a-s, yes i mix them and use.I cannot wait for the sunscreen to settle and then apply 🙂 also i find it less shiny and less pinkish that way.

@shweta u can try sunprotek with calak as a last option..I think it will not fail you..

@Cat, If zoray and kaya have given you breakouts why do u want to try them again?


I used a lot of products that week newly indu.. So I am just trying to figure if it was due to sunscreen or other products.. I did not like zoray’s finish, but as nerd suggested in one of my posts may be I will try with calak or markal and then might try kayas.. I have seen people reporting no breakouts if they use a product after some time.. don’t know why! May be due to premens phase or other products I guess..


@indurahul, its a nice post that you have posted 🙂

Really, I doubt we all have a sensitive skin which broke out easily with anh sunscreen.In case of me, it have been proved.

Their is a long list of sunscreen which failed on me.The list is so long that I cant figure out the all here.But if anybody who have my type of skin is going to purchase a new one then they will ask to me.

So, @indurahul you are quite happy with sunprotek what I am seeing in terms of comedogenicity.So, should I purchase it indu or not because of oiliness you have described  . Dont that calak lotion on its top creates a suffocation on your face and gives  a artificial look.


Thank You @parul, but my idea was to list out the sunscreens which proved out to be okay for acne prone skin but still causing breakouts in sensitive skin.You dont have to mention the ones which are known comodogenic.  For example Bioderma Max fluid, La Shield & Zoray didnt work for me..But Lotus Matte never created any irritations or redness on my skin..I was wondering whether it really gave me breakouts because that time i was using other comodogenic products also. and parul i am not very happy how my face luk after i put calak and sunprotek, If i take, say a pearl size amount of suncreen and calak 1/4th of that and mix it that will create a nice matte luk.But if you take more amount of these , i too feel that suffocation..Then i spray a mist of avene spring water and pat with tissue..

I have read that the sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are well tolerated by sensitive skin. My doubt was, is it the ingredient avobenzone mainly causing irritations?

But out of so many members in the community only 6 members have sunscreen sensitivity?


Oh ! its sad @indurahul that it is creating suffocating feeling according to my expectation.Again I have to skip this sunscreen too.God knows when I would got a perfect one which will not break me out.

Well, you are asking about the sensitivity to sunscreen actually I dont develop redness by any sunscreen but sometimes a fewer ones like suncros aquagel , zoray , la shield & othres too( i dont remember exactly) leads to development of a small red dot type spot on my skin which I surely know is a sign of allergy, its a kind of spot which we get after mosquito bite.

What type of symptom do you have?


And, yes lotus one do not give any type of sign of sensitivity except it is highly comedogenic otherwise it provides perfect finish.Might be avobenzone is the culprit.Prrviously, I was suspecting ZnO.

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