Avene Triacneal or Avene Cleanance K for acne?


hi , first of all i must say that it is an excellent blog …i become very happy to see it ,  ur cooperation & respond to every query is very fast…i like to admire u for all…

Now i want to share u that i have apst 3 (i think so )bcoz as i dont use any cosmetic except lotus 3 in 1 sunblock daily morning , i got microcomedones (sometimes whiteheads & sometimes blackheads )which later on got inflamed & turn into  big pimple which always leave scar).U will be surprised to know that  i got whiteheads & blackheads on the centre of my cheeks as against the usual my oily t zone (some on my forhead toobut not on my nose). Also i want to add that i am using AHa glow face wash , also have used saslic ds & many more (acne medications , home remedies everything) but no effect on them even they dont come out when i go to PARLOUR FOR CLEAN UP , THEY SAY THEY ARE DEEPLY EMBEDDED IN MY SKIN (sorry for caps)  i have consulted my derma too with no positive result.. so now i went for my own research & I am confused between avene triacneal and cleanance K for my skin

I also want to add that i break out with every type of makeup product even with the revlon new complexion too (which u have recommended for my apst)…

HOpe u could help me……

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Hi Parul, thank you for your kind words. I’ve been in the same boat so I understand your frustration with acne. And yes, that part about “deeply embedded in the skin” too. 🙂

I checked out Avene Cleanance K and it sounds like for persistent acne, the retinoid in Triacneal might work better. They contain pretty much the same things (AHAs), but Avene Cleanance contains salicylic acid and Triacneal contains retinaldehyde. So the choice comes down to these ingredients.

Since you have already tried Saslic (salicylic acid), perhaps give retinoids a shot? In that case, Triacneal would be the winner.

You might also want to explore supplements for acne as they can make a huge difference to acne that has not responded to skin care.


Thanks for reply, well What do you say if i go for retin a for my acne scars on cheek (both dark and pitted) instead of Triacneal. Should i have to use Triacneal as  a daily night cream to keep acne at bay or as a spot application product ( u know i got acne on cheeks mainly so plz also consider it)

I want to ask you  some more questions , sorry for so many queries but now i m so much frustrated like u and  have done a lot of reseach too with no positive result.

Firstly i want to tell you that in past I have used Vichy normaderm triple action hydrating moisturiser but i see many small  bumps underneath my skin after its usage so i stopped using. So, I thought the culprit was salicylic acid or silicones ( i don’t know but i don’t get bumps after saslic). Also i got the same type of bumps when i use clean and clear daily blackhead scrub ( may be due to benzoyl peroxide or any pore clogging ingredient in it).

I got a sudden adverse reaction of  all pore clogging ingredients  if i use ANY ANY product ( EMPHASIZED ) like Revlon new complexion foundation , after each and every application i got pimple along with bumps in the evening or the next day itself. I am so much frustrated , I have also  purchased CLINIQUE  tinted moisturiser, MAC studio fix powder plus foundation (give me a lot and a lot of acne past year) but the result were same . I don’t use any primer beneath foundation , do primer will help me to get rid of  breakout so that i can use foundation at some occassions atleast. Plz SUGGEST ME PRIMER FOR OILY ACNE PRONE SKIN.

Now as my research goes on so i think a lot that why i got bumps and acne if i don’t use any makeup daily ( only sunblock lotus -tinted one). So here is my conclusion:

Usually I don’t got bumps and acne daily  if i use lotus sunblock  but after 2-3 days bumps apppear so may be the product clogs in my pore and cause blackheads on cheek ( as i have heard the case of ACNE COSMETICA) , it clogs my pore becoz Iam not cleaning my face properly*(i wash with aha glow cleanser and lukewarm water ) so

should i switch to BIODERMA micellar solution for proper cleansing and then sebamed foam. (Mineral oil don’t suits me)

and how do i reapply sunscreen in the day without washing my face

and What is your suggestion for avene thermal spring water to freshen up my face during the day as i cant wash my face during my office time..

I know i have raised a lot of questions but i hope u can understand my  misery , I am totally frustrated now , no one is going to help  me hope u will provide or anybody on acne mantra could provide me the suitable suggestion…thanks in anticipation…


PLz  answer me asap



hi parul..firstly u are not alone,all of us here face the same problem..from my personal experience cut down all the products and stick to basics..over doing can damage the skin further..
about make up,acnemantra has done some very good review on foundations and compacts..please go through that pick the most suitable one..u can try those at a mall or nearest health glow..
colourbar concealers are good,which im using now..its suitable for our skin..
suncote is a excellent gel based sunscreen for oily skin..
maybelline has some good compact which is oil free..
i normally skip foundation cause its heavy until some important function or so..
i apply sebamed clear face gel and lacto calamine and compact..if needed can add concealer..this is like primer..
please dont add more products unecessarily..
for acne skin its best to keep minimal..
i use aha glow and seba med facewashes which are good..
i am also planning to buy bioderma sensibio to remove make up but not as a cleanser..avene i do not know..
also im exploring herbal diertary supplements like baidyanth rakt shodak bati and checking for deifiencies..u should try too..hope this helps


acnemantra plz plz respond 2 my question, its a long been 2 post this quey now………plz



Primers invariably contain silicones to give a smooth finish. Although silicones themselves are not pore-clogging, they form a layer on the skin trapping whatever is underneath.


Your skin is APST 3 from what it sounds like. And so much experimentation with sunscreens, makeup, makeup removers and now primers isn’t going down well with your skin.


With so much going on, it is impossible to figure out the culprit products, let alone get control over acne.


To sort this out, you will need to go back to the basics – remove everything from your skin care routine. Only keep Sebamed Cleansing Foam or Saslic, whichever you have at hand right now.


Use only that for 2 weeks (my preference is Sebamed Cleansing Foam).


Then post here how it goes. We might be able to help you out then. Don’t cheat your skin by adding products here and there. 😉


thanks acnemantra for responding..

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