Best fairness cream for men with acne prone skin?


hi all…Tejupriya and AM

my skin acne prone skin just undergoing starter regimen for past 2 weeks…seeing gud improvement.

just need to know best fairness cream for men for acne prone skin.

before i was using fair and lovely menz active later i come to know its highly comedogenic so i stopped it.

tell me some good fairness cream for men which matches with the starter regimen.

Thank you

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Hi Ram look into Nivea or Kaya night cream..’

Nivea Men Advanced Whitening Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser Safe?


Dude, don’t be in a hurry to pile on creams. Give your face and skin a break (no pun). It is already reeling under pressure and that one cream might just be what the acne bacteria wanted to multiply. If the regimen is working, don’t break it.


And there is no ‘best’ cream for acne prone skin either, as you must have realized by now. Best for someone else may turn out to be worst for you.


Ram – Just FYI – Nivea broke me out 🙁 I used it.

So please do your study before buying that.


ya @preetam @ashu6074 …thanks for the info just gonna continue the regimen.

@tejapriya they said nivea is not suitable for apst 3.

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