Best fairness creams for acne prone skin?


today everybody is opting for fairness creams ,i have heard that most of them causes comidona and acne ,,so can u please suggest the non-acne n comidon prone fairness creams

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Hey parineethi-54, take a look on this link: 12 moisturisers and this link too: fairness creams.

Also see How to cure acne and get rid of dark spots


hi welcome..u r right most fairness creams gave acne because they r comedogenic.they block ur pores and acne occurs…in this site am tell us about non comedogenic cream which r safe for acne .we all r always finding more fairness creams which does not give acne because on this site all have acne prone skin and finding cure for it ….check links which akshay gave u.if u have acne then u have to clean them first then u can use creams for dark marks.there r regimns like starter, basic..these regimn clear ur acne as well help with marks.if u have no acne then u can use cpp regimn u have to use complete regimn because only one product will not help u …good fairness night cream is kaya night cream which is non morning u will not get much from fairness cream because of sun and sweat etc…

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