Best place to get a chemical peel done in Bangalore ?


I have read the review of the kaya chemical peel session by Teju Priya. Good review!

I wanted to know if there is any more clinic in banglore which offer such service. Main aim is to reduce the hyperpigmentation dark spots.
Looking for some cheaper option, since august rush offer is over at kaya.

Current Skin Condition : I am 25 old male , with loads of hyperpigmentation marks caused by acne, i have an habbit of scratiching them, which has caused them. I dont have any deep  scars, just dark spots on forehaed and a little on cheeks. Just one or two small breakouts.

Daily regime :  I have controlled (thanks to AM) my acne breakouts by using a mild face wash (Neutrogen Liquid) and keryncyl cream twice a day. My marks are getting faint, but i thought chemical peel can accelrate the process.

Please advice.

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Hi There..Thank you for your kind words :)’
Most of the Dermatologists do these procedures at their Clinics..
You can ask around if there is good doctor in your area..
Can you mention which area you are from?
Cause its most likely you will get more responses from community..
Here is a similar discussion of Doctors in Bangalore..

Good dermatologist in Bangalore?

So you can Google or JustDial them for contact info..
Hope this helps..
Good Luck 🙂


Hi anonymous1, another reputed clinic in Bangalore is Kosmoderma. Their main doctor (owner) consults at the Lavelle Road branch. You could check them out. Reviews of Kosmoderma are mixed, so a preliminary consultation before signing up for any package should be done. Keep us posted on what you decide.

Once your Neutrogena Liquid gets over, get another face wash because we recently found out that it does have a highly comedogenic ingredient called oleic acid.


Anonymous brother/friend – Have some name yaar… how we will spot you …

Honestly it is really tough to identify people without names and pics..

@acnemantra – Please dont allow logins without names and pics 😛  Just kidding.


@TejuPriya : I am based in koramangala, place might not be an issue so long in bangalore. I checked online, almost all promote as if they best. Very confused. Needed some first hand experience, like you did with kaya. Will search more . Where do you put up ?

@AM : I have also herd of Kosmoderma. I will check if i can get some consultation done , and see if they make me feel confident of the procedure. Do you have any idea on prices they charge (approx) ?
Many Thanks!!! for the intel on Neutrogena Liquid, i thought my search for perfect face was is over , no it hasn’t 😛

@ashu074 : My name is anirudh 🙂 Pic will come as soon i am done with my quest for a clear face 😛


Hi Anirudh..I reside in Vijaynagar..I am going to Kaya,Sadhashivnagar..
I am guessing these clinics charge on the same lines..
Here are the Clinic Details:


Hi Aniruddh,

Sorry brother, pic means i mean to say some trees, bird or waterfall (pic like me :))…

And regarding your original pic… its matter of time man.. you will surely have a clear face  ….

Take Care,



@anonymous 1. Hello Sir. If you stay in Koramangala, then Dr. Satish DA in Jayanagar 4th block will be a good option for you. Don’t know whether chemical peel is offered or not, but he certainly has a good reputation and my personal experience of his treatment has been great. He is a no nonsense kind of doctor and calls it as it is and recommends good treatments. So if you want any consultation, then I advise you go to him first (350 bucks) and if he gives the go ahead for a chemical peel, then may be you can get it done over there itself(provided they do it).


Hi Anirudh,

I think Skin clinic is the best. Meet Dr Sujaya Hegde there. Her clinic address is

# 395, C.M.H. Road, Indiranagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore. Landmark: Above Allahabad Bank

They have an awesome pharma store inside and I buy all the products of starter regimen from them.



Even i think Sujaya Hegde is the best.


Hi Anirudh,

While I agree that Sujaya Hegde is a pretty good doctor & their clinic is no doubt very safe to have chemical peels & other procedures, please also remember that peel effects are only temporary & your Hyper pigmentation marks can easily be controlled with topical applications.

With peels, you of course have to be extremely diligent on Suncare & even one day of extreme sun exposure can reverse all the benefits. So do give it a good thought before proceeding for peels.

If you are already experiencing good effects with keracnyl regimen, then it’s time to step up to scar treatments. If your skin is not sensitive & is used to Keracnyl by now & no recurrence of acne, Why not try the Bioderma White Objective Night serum. it’s quite effective & you should see results very soon.

Please do hit the search button for Bioderma & you will see the do’s & dont’s before using this product. Do read up on it carefully & you could start incorporating in your regimen. One word though – Use Caution, Caution, Caution & use it as a standalone product alternating with keracnyl but never using alongside keracnyl.

There are quite good reviews for Kojiglow, Facemed, Kojivit etc  also for lightening.


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