Best product for Cystic acne?


I am using religiously adapalene + neem facewash +suncote from about 2 months

i used twice a day Aha glow for a week in this month starting.
Bcoz of irritation and redness i stopped using ahaglow

currently i am using cetaphil also after evening facewash and before applying adapalene.

My problems are

1. Adapalene clearing normal acne but not
cystic acne on my nose hardly no change on my nose

2. Recently some big pimples are coming on my chin

pls suggest a product that clear cystic acne

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Hi Shivakumar,

Adapalene is  a good choice for cystic acne & coupled with a neutral face wash, moisturizer , it gives results. But the downside is, it takes time to show results. 2 months is still less time & if you are noticing some 30% improvement, it means it’s working. Give it another 3 months religiously as it takes time to get deep down the epidermis layer to open the pores, regenerate & shed skin cells faster.  Are you using any antibiotic gel like Clindamycin for the active pimples? If not please do, you could use Clear Gel, Clindac AC etc for your active pimples.

You should stop AHA glow & also add an oil free moisturizer as adapalene can dry out your skin internally. Check out the oil free moisturizers here on the website to decide. Many are using the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser. Use that sparingly in the mornings.

Be Patient & hang in there. Typically comedones under your skin take between 8 to 10 weeks to surface on your skin, so give time for the adapalene to work on them.  Instead of Cetaphil, you can try the A Derma foaming cleanser in the evenings or the kaya soothing gel. This would clear your skin of the dirt & sweat better than cetaphil.


I have same prob like urs..from this week I am using Sebamed Cleansing Foam face wash and night Avene Triacneal cream …I think you should try too…I hv used most products that u are using now…take care…:)



I am also using Sebamed and its really effective for acne prone skin. Believe me u will be happy to see the results within a week. U can also use Sebonac on alternate nights and/or the gel suggested by LD.

Good Luck

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