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Hello AM! I was browsing net for vitamin supplements, when i came through this beautiful place (15 days back). I appreciate your hard work and your heart for sharing your valuable knowledge. I have a confusion. I had severe acne (cystic ones) for some 7-8 years. Now i have recovered from that phase of my life (now rarely 1 or 2 pimles occur during 2 or 3 months period). But these acne have left pits on  my cheeks. I have read all your posts (in past 7 days) including those about pitted scars. All posts have put me in great confusion. I need your personal suggestion about what should i do? Should i use glycolic acid, mandelic acid, tretinoin (or adaplene), kojic acid, or topical vitamin c or any combination. Please suggest the best for me. One more thing, your skingredients app is out of this world.

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Hiya @gvkunchhal, thank you for your kind words. Feels nice to be appreciated. Although, most of Acne Mantra is because of the community here that brings life to the discussions and postings.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about sunken scarring. The formula that seems to be worth trying is this : tretinoin + vitamin C + peptides. They all promote fresh collagen production, but of course have to be used in the right concentration. I shall be posting a detailed post about it sometime, but just wanted to let you know that all is not lost in terms of home treatment for sunken scarring.

For now, you could explore tretinoin and vitamin C. Just use the right hand side search box for vitamin C options and discussions. You can even post public messages to people who are currently using vitamin C products.

Then apart from all this, home dermarolling is another promising option for sunken scarring. Again, search box is your friend. Stick around, ask, share, make friends. 🙂


Thanks AM, for your kind attention towards my query. As suggested by you, i want to incorporate vitamin c and tretinoin in my regime. But you talked about RIGHT CONCENTRATION. what is the right concentration of the two products to be used? Also, i want to use vitamin c cream during the day. Is it okay? also suggest best vitamin c cream. And sorry for the late response.


Hiii @gvkunchhal 🙂 how are you?? Did u start tretin?? Any improvement in pits??

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