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I have read great reviews on bioderma sunscreens both spot spf 50+ and max fluid spf 50+/uva 38. i wanted to know what exactly is the difference among the two and which one will be better suited for an apst 3 type of oily skin?

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Hi Girl, while the base of both the sunscreens is made of pretty much the same ingreidents, Bioderma Photoderm SPOT contains extra ingredients like liquorice root extract which is a potent skin lightener. This sunscreen is targeted toward reducing hyper pigmentation and redness.


It also has other anti-inflammatories like Glycyrrhetinic Acid (derived from liquorice) that reduce redness and any kind of skin irritation. I’ve used the SPOT one, but not the Fluid one yet. I found it fine with no breakouts, but my skin isn’t very acne prone anymore.


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