Biotique Red Sandalwood powder for face?



I have been using biotique red sandalwood powder on my face from 3 years now.It never broke me out. But recently I was thinking of switching to a compact powder and I started with Maybelline dream matte, chamber compact etc…bt all these gives me very minor break outs here and there.So is it ok to continue with biotique powder? is it safe or will it dry out skin? or johnsons baby powder is better option?

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Hiya Radhika, I’d say don’t fix what ain’t broken. If Biotique’s powder works for you, you might as well stick to it. It does contain talc, as the name mentions. It has to, because the rest of the herbal ingredients only add up to about 15%. Maybelline Dream Matte powder does contain a couple mildly comedogenic ingredients such as Magnesium Stearate, jojoba oil and silicone, and they’re probably not going down well with your skin. Talc may not be such a problem for you because you tolerate Biotique just fine.

Johnson’s Baby Powder with talc, fragrance and sodium sesquicitrate (sodium citrate) sounds like it will not cause breakouts on you, but then again, it is opaque white, so you might be better off using Biotique. Any kind of powder will dry out the skin because of its powdery nature. Maybelline Dream Matte has jojoba oil to prevent dryness, but it is not tolerated by all acne prone people.


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