BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE – Highly Comedogenic?


@AM  – is Bismuth Oxychloride , dimethicone & talc – highly comedogenic? I know talc & dimethicone are usually present in all cosmetics but what about Bismuth Oxychloride? The Lancome Teint Miracle foundation has it & I was just wondering about it? Does it clog pores immediately or one can kind of pass off with it in a cosmetic product?

Any pointers on this would be helpful.

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It`s a skin irritant and is used for pearlizing and texturising a product , mostly used in mineral powders. It is the reason many people complained about the Bare Minerals original formulation breaking them out (the matte one is free from this ingredient for obvious reasons). So there is a high chance this might irritate your skin and give you red bumps or rashes , so if you see any such irritation discontinue use of the product immediately.


@lalitha, dimethicone and talc are mildly comedogenic, so you won’t need to worry about them, especially since you are using tretinoin. Bismuth Oxychloride is an irritant, which may cause acne due to skin irritation. Signs of irritation from this compound include itching and rashes. From what I’ve noticed, irritation from bismuth oxychloride is possible, but not common. I do okay with it, for one. If your skin is doing fine so far on Teint Miracle, I wouldn’t worry. 🙂


Thanks AM & Keep Calm, As of now I am doing fine , No itching or rash as such. So will wait & watch. Cant bear to too see my money going down the drain 🙁 I also like it’s consistency which finishes pretty soft on the skin with no cakey effect & retains the original complexion. So hoping I can stay with it for a long time!


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