How to remove blackheads on cheeks?


Hiee my name is rajbir.i have been using stater regimen from last one month and i m noticng a gud difference.inspite of that i black heads on cheeks are not gettng vanish.i am using sebamed foaming wash in morning and ahaglow in eve and  at night.also i m using adeferin acne cream  in eve and at night.can u plz guid me what to do for the blackheads.

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Hi Rajbir, for blackheads, you will be better off including a salicylic acid based product in your regimen. You could check out a whole bunch of them here:


To incorporate a salicylic acid based product, you might consider replacing AHAGlow with something that has salicylic acid in it. You’ll find tons of options in the link I mentioned above.


By the way, the regimen you are following is not Starter Regimen at all. The only product from the Starter Regimen you are using is the Sebamed Cleansing Foam, but still, if your custom regimen is working for you, that’s great.


If you are not getting pimples of any other kind, (other than blackheads) you don’t need to use Adeferin.



Thanks for the  link i want to knw can i opt any of one scrub? And what should be the frequency of using it means once a day or twice?As in starter regimen the acne cream u mention is quite costly so  i opt i m using sebamed foam,kaya skin clinic pigmentation cream and aha glow as for exfloation.i noww usually have 2-3 pimples.should i cntinue wid adiffrin or plz suggest me some other acne cream.the acnes are basically white heads.

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