UV teeth bleaching safe for skin?


Hello all

Has anyone done teeth bleaching ?? Uv lights they give in laser teeth whitening  it has any affect on skin?? Has anyone done it??

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Hi Pinky..Teeth bleaching is only for teeth,it does not come in contact with face..
Bleaching is basically peroxide solution and proper care is taken by dentists,dont worry..


Okk.. but they use uv lights for teeth bleaching.. is it safe??


Hi Pinky, this article says that UV rays from teeth bleaching equipment can cause the same kind of harm to the skin as intense sun rays: They are also talking about reports of gum damage due to this procedure. Don’t mean to scare you and I don’t know much about it, but just search the Internet to be really sure before deciding.


yess pinky its entirely has nothing to do with skin..go for it!!

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