Sebonac alternative in Budget Regimen?


Hi Sonal

I am 35 years old. Was so happy to see this site. Such a relief. I have acne issues for a long time. I want to follow your budget regime. But i have not been able to find Sebonac gel. Can I use Kreacnyl gel  instead. Also can i include Sebamed cleansing foam( from your starter regime).  How do i include these in my regime.





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its good to use proper regimn if u want ur own regimn.u can start keracnyl regimn with only two product ,keracnyl face wash and keracnyl cream and suncote sunscreen if u feel dryness use moisturiser like sebamed clear gel,neautrogena moisturiser for combination skin.


Hi Rekha, welcome to Acne Mantra! It is actually a community of people helping people. It’s not just about me, not that much really. 😉 You could use Sebamed Cleansing Foam in the morning if you like, but only add products one per week or so, to be sure what works and what doesn’t, for you.

I also suggest you read this guide carefully so you start on the right footing.  A basic understanding of how acne prone skin works and what kind of products to avoid is necessary to see great results with the regimens. I also suggest you read this Regimen Troubleshooting Guide before starting on any kind of regimen. All this will help you fix any problems you may see on your clear skin journey. Good luck! 🙂


Thanks guys so nice of yiu to help out people like us.

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