Can I use Ketonext AF for face as well?


Hi AM,
I am again suffering from the iching acne on my face.. especially forehead, side cheeks and chin. Initially I was trying some neem tulsi home packs but in vain. Finally I went to a dermatologist today and he prescribed following.
‘Onon ketoconazole soap’ for washing the face
‘Hydrofil’ in the morning as a moisturiser
And ‘Sefpil’ + ‘Ketonext AF Lotion’ to be applied at night on face
Now the carton of the Ketonext lotion says “Apply on hair and scalp for dandruff”.
My question is that this lotion can be applied to face as well?
And won’t using soap on face over dry it?


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Hiya Shiks, it sounds like you’ve been diagnosed with a fungal infection. I remember you mentioning long ago that someone at a salon had said that you had dandruff on your face. Acne can accompany such infections. See if this picture resembles what you are undergoing. This person in the picture was treated with the same treatment as you for their face ‘dandruff’+acne.


Here is the link to their blog: So yes, the medication prescribed to you sounds like it is right for your condition. See if that helps you in a month otherwise a second visit / second opinion would be wise. Once the infection is clear, you could switch back to a gentle face wash. Medicated soap is only until the infection clears.


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