Can i use lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen as body sunscreen. sebonac for body acne?


Q. 1 I have some mild dots in my neck area. Also, have some small, dot like pimples on upper side of arms, upper side of chest, beneath neck area. Can i apply a THIN LAYER OF SEBONAC over these ares?

Q.2 When i was using LOTUS 3-IN-1, i had got a big bump (i had posted here as well 🙂 ), now i dnt use it as my sunscreen. Can i use it as a SAFE sunscreen to be applied over neck, arms?

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Hi Nerd,

You could use sebonac on your neck and chest area. If it dries your skin and peels off then not worry, just mix with aloe vera and then apply. Re. Lotus 3-in-1 sunscreen, if your skin is APST2 or 3 then it won’t suit you hence you are getting a break out, you could use it as body sunscreen. I also used it on my hand when it did not suit my face. 🙂

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