Can Liquid Neutrogena wash + KERACNYL Cream be used on Oily skin with frequent Cystic type Breakouts.



Last week i asked a question about my skin condition of being partially ‘burnt’ by RETINO AC gel.

I was advised to Neturogena Liquid Pure mild facewash + Combination OilFree Mositurizer. I have been using that from a week. The redness is less and skin is better. Now i wanna battle breakout and darks pots.

I somehow like the Neutrogena facewash, in past i have made my skin over oily by using harsh products like Salicylic Acid, scrubbing, Benzoyl peroxide (had acne from a decade now !) , i somehow wanna switch to mild cleaner so my skin dosent over produce oil due to frequent dryness by these. ( Am i doing it right  ? )

I have loads n loads of acne blemishes, dark brown marks (not scars) , i read about the KERACNYL Cream here , so can i use it with Neutrogena mid face wash intstead of the KERACNYL face wash (as you have suggested on this website ). Whats the cons of not using your suggested combination combination ?

I somehow feel KERACNYL face wash will make my skin over dry again making my sebum glands overactive again, that i am trying to bring it back by mild regime of cleansing.

Will alone DUCRAY KERACNYL COMPLETE REGULATING be helpful for dark belmishes.

PS I have read you entire website now 🙂

Thanks a million\m/  I mean every word for it

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hi there..for now let your skin recover completely from the damage..
it is not the right time to add any products..
just stick to sebamed cleansing foam and neutrogena moisturizer..
give it some time to get back to normal..
then after few days you can think of CPP regimen but not right now..
Keracynl cream contains poly hydroxy acids that is glycolic acid,salicylic acid and lactic acid..It is a good formula for acne and scars..


Hi, yeah, as Tejupriya said, this might be too early to incorporate Keracnyl cream into your regimen. I’d also look into adding a sunscreen first to prevent continual darkening of the existing dark spots.


Also, keep an eye out for any breakouts from that Neutrogena Oil-free lotion as well. While it is okay to use on dry, peeling skin, it still has some ingredients that can clog pores. But for now, the state in which your skin is, it sounds like the right thing to use.


Since you have gone through the website, you can help out others looking for answers in the community. 🙂


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