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Hurting and painful

I have cyst formation all over my chins it is looking big and it has large amount of pus in thinking of buying dermadew acne soap and sebamed face wash wat do you say????? or should i only use one of the abt i hav oily face with many pimples plz help. i have […]

May 12 kumar
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Best facewasg for a 17yr old boy

Hello,Good morning sir/MAdam I want to know which of the following is best face wash for a 17yr old boy. Neautrogena deep clean facial cleanser or Garnier men powerlight face wash? Which one do you recommend? Neutrogena deep clean face wash or Garnier men powerlight? Thank you Votes: 0 Answers: 0 Categories: Cleansers / Face […]

May 10 Manish
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Has anyone tried clinique 3 step regimen? An alternate to it?

I have been using this clinique 3 step regimen for skin type 3 (combination to oily skin, with T area oily and comfortable cheeks). Its works fine for me. I have got oily and acne prone skin and this 3 step product hasn’t induced any reaction. But it’s quite expensive (the introductory 3 step kit […]

May 8 Ash
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'suggestions to get rid of oilyness'

Hi there, firstly thank you very much for the work you are doing. it’s simply fabulous. you know, i came across your site 6-7 months ago when i was doing some google search on ‘how to get rid of acne and oilyness’. I took time to read every basic information you have put on the […]

May 6 Ankit
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Daily face wash and toner for CTM

Hey all, I planning to start CTM routine. Currently I am one acne treatment. Will probably start CTM once I am done with acne treatment. Will give some time for skin to settle down. 1. What is the best face wash for men. Which can also be used a exfoliating. Cetaphil daily facial cleanser or […]

April 29 Rakesh
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Is AHAglow safe enough for daily use?

I have been using AHAglow as my daily facewash since almost 5 months.I absolutely love it.It has helped me control my acne to a GREAT extent.But,in one of your article,I see that AHAglow has been mentioned as an exfoliator.And this has brought me to reconsider it using daily. I also have started to notice uneven […]

April 24 Ayushi


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