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Problem with aha glow

First of all this is a great site, really helps everyone suffering with acne. i am 19 yrs old, i have oily skin,i am suffering with acne  from 14 yrs of age which is moderate.  i get bumps in skin and also white heads, before this i used almost all kinds of facewashes that promiced […]

March 30 adil husain
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Is Fabindia Tea Tree Face Wash no more produced by the manufaturers?

Hii friends! I have very very very oily skin so i wanted to try Fabindia Face Wash but i couldnt find it anywhere online!! When i went to its website, it does not contain ANY such face wash anymore! Also, in every selling website it has been labelled as SOLD OUT! Has its production been […]

March 18 nerd
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Dont know which one is causing acne to me.

Hai AM and my friends… i brought himalaya apricot face wash before 2 days and i started using it…and i feel bit dryness.. because mine is combination skin i fell very dry after washing my face nd after some times it becomes bit oliy..and i am not using any cream on my face..because of dryness […]

March 18 Gowthu
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After Shave - All over FACE ?

Is it okay to dab after shave all over face daily. Mine is OLD SPICE AFTER SHAVE LOTION INGREDIENTS – Diethylphthalate (1% w/w) Contains 56.26% w/w Alcohol (95% v/v) Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: After Shave Old Spice Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash March 13 Fahad

March 13 Fahad
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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (2% salicylic acid) ? HOW IS IT?

Hii @acnemantra ! Very few information is here with regard to this face wash – Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (2% salicylic acid). Is it comedogenic? How is it for ASPT 3? Not safe? How is it for sensitive skin? Has anyone used it? Reviews? @acnemantra put it in review section. 😛   (I am thinking to […]

March 10 nerd
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AHAGlow and Sebamed ONLY! Still getting horrific whiteheads around mouth region and between eyebrows

Hii @acnemantra I am using AHAGlow, Sebamed Anti-bacterial Foam and Zoray only. But the whiteheads are keep on coming there. So, i dropped ZORAY for some time and just din’t apply anything on face! Just AHAGlow once/twice and Sebamed once a day! I am keeping like this since past few days. And still i am […]

March 7 nerd


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