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Yellow peel

Hi am is yellow peel useful for acne and its marks?? Votes: 0 Answers: 0 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels March 18 monika11

March 18 monika11
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Microdermabrasion tanning

I am planning to do a microdermabrasion to improve my skin because of acne marks. So, I also would like to know if microdermabrasion can remove the tan, and thus restore my natural skin color     Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels March 3 maxwell

March 3 maxwell
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Dermarolling - Is it really a hope for all acne scared faces?

Is anyone taking the course of Dermarolling by professionals? Please post your experience here under. I am so interested in hearing about progress. I have so many shallow holes on my both the cheeks and area around, that put me upset everytime I shave my face and look into the mirror. I even get an […]

February 26 rohit_r
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Fucibet after chemical peel

Hi AM i undergone sasiylic peel of 30% and my skin gt darken after 1 day …is it normal.Dr prescribed fucibet cream for it….wat z it used for…. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels February 3 monika11

February 3 monika11
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Chemical Peel Queries. PLEASE HELP!

I have a few post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation spots. They are not that old. I have my sister’s wedding coming up in February. I want to get a few sessions of chemical peeling as advised by my doctor. 1.How many sitting does it usually take to show results? 2.Will there be a significant improvement after the […]

December 30 Vijeta
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Retino-A (0.05%) 3 days from a glycolic peel?

I underwent a glycolic peel yesterday for acne vulgaris. To being with, my dermatologist did not prep my skin for the peel. And the peel was conducted near a open window with bright light(not sure if that is ok) after the peel I asked if I should use a sunblock for the next few days […]

December 29 Riya


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